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Compensative quantization and guard band strategy are employed to remove the regularity and to enhance the robustness, respectively.
(24,44) Therefore, Nrf1 is maintained at a low level in normal conditions, whereas Nrf1 accumulates to high levels when proteasome activity is compromised and exerts a compensative effect on proteasome expression.
where a [member of] (0,1] denotes the quantization ratio, and 1 - [alpha] can be interpreted to be the compensative parameter.
Given the differences in the levels of development of the various EU countries and their varying capacities to cope with change, fiscal policy should have been assigned two complementary targets: a redistributive and compensative function, and the role of actively promoting--through investment--the removal of development bottlenecks and the renewal of the productive base.
The reason for this may be that, since the OA is the first branch of the ICA, blood vessels in the head and neck have strong collateral compensative capacity.
Therefore, it is considered that the merging of synergy may represent the compensative neural change to achieve a dynamic response after improvement of gait.
It is also important to give special attention to the phonological awareness and compensative strategies [11].
Upon MCD feeding, a compensative proliferation in response to liver injury and hepatocyte cell death is commonly activated.
Such optic nerve sheath swelling could then be considered the expression of the final, extreme compensative strategy to the massive brain swelling in the inextensible skull, and correlated with the demonstration of the malignant ICP increase at the time of BD diagnosis.
* presence of additional strands (lightning protective, compensative, etc.) is not taken into account;
We hypothesized that rehabilitation therapy based on sensory-motor stimulation could contribute to acquisition of compensative strategies to improve gait, given the important role that the visual and proprioceptive deprivation has in sensory substitution [23].
They then began to introduce other compensative strategies such as a higher number of swearwords when the original text did not present them, as well as the explicitation of double meanings, which in some cases were only implicit in source texts and in other cases were completely absent.
(2009) Pressure-mediated hypertrophy and mechanical stretch induces IL-1 release and subsequent IGF-1 generation to maintain compensative hypertrophy by affecting Akt and JNK pathways.