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affording compensation

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Moreover, all these enzymes, like CEA, are increased in the serum of patients suffering from various liver diseases; this may be due in part to hepatocellular damage accompanied by compensative hyperplasia.
These include items related to compensative absences; pensions; other postemployment benefits; termination benefits; landfill closure and postclosure costs; pollution remediation; investment, including derivatives; and effective hedging arrangements.
Compensative effects of chemical regulation with uniconazole on physiological damages caused by water deficiency during the grain filling stage of wheat.
However, this correspondence model is not always true because its reverse, the compensative model--an insecure parent-child relation leads to passionate Christian faith--occurs as well (Buxant, Saroglou, & Tesser, 2010; Granqvist, 1998; Kirkpatrick & Shaver, 1990; McDonald et al, 2005; Miner, 2009).
Compensative efforts on his behalf through publication of incomplete or revisionist versions of selected discourses further compromised his reputation as orator.
TiborNavracsics, the Deputy Prime Minister has declared in an interview that the criticism of the present Hungarian government has only been a compensative activity for the EU, or just a pseudoaction of the EU suffering from its own crisis.
As mentioned above, at this point the strength training comes into the game as compensative physical work that can cancel any muscular alteration to transmute the athlete in a real racing machine on the playing field.
From the graph of interaction effect (see Figure 1), it appears that there is a compensative interaction, where accumulated hours of provider training compensate for the providers' high stress level.
Second, through a case study context we demonstrate a comprehensive framework of compensative strategies that contain three types of work change organization improving strategies and an income security strategy.
Increased Transitory neurologic Compensative prenatal frustration: the increasing of the risk of HIE muscular hypotonia, bloodstream in the a syndrome of basic arteries of a oppression or hyper-- brain within the first excitability, Reduction 7 days, transitory of congenital hypostasis.
In addition, the final statement of the GCC Summit approved unified laws for anti-dumping and finding the necessary precautionary and compensative measure.