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receiving or eligible for compensation

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This sanction applies to all employees receiving benefits under the plan, not just highly compensated employees, as defined in Sec.
The senator, who was welcomed at the church by Bishop Ruth Mwanza, said people will be compensated for the closure of their businesses while building owners will be awarded differently.
MAIZE DESTROYEDSome residents had their maize destroyed by earth movers when construction started about six months ago."These are private land owners who should be promptly compensated in two weeks' time failure to which we shall stop this project until that is done," said the Kiambu senator.
'We have compensated over 10,000 people for completely and partially-damaged houses.
In Shangla, heirs of all 49 dead were compensated besides 65 injured out of 184 and 1434 owners of damaged houses against 20687 total affected in the worst hit district of KP.
Similarly, 479 owners of destroyed viz a viz damaged houses were compensated out of 42729 damaged houses in the province.
Global Banking News-January 24, 2013--Mis sold customers may be compensated in Spanish cash(C)2013 ENPublishing -
In the 1990s the UK and Australian governments decided to compensate the Prisoners of War who were held in the Far East and rightly so, but some three years ago, following a lengthy enquiry, the Australian government recognised the fact that their Prisoners of War in Europe also suffered and they to were compensated.
Electricity shortage in Central Asian countries will be compensated from energy systems of Turkmenistan and northern Kazakhstan -- it is expected that own energy sources across the region will be unable to produce the required scope of electricity in winter 2008-2009.
According to Larry Portal, co-head of the firm's Executive Compensation Consulting practice, "The REIT industry has recognized that one of the most important issues on shareholders' minds today is how executives at those companies in which they have a stake are compensated. An overwhelming majority of investors want to see executive management compensation correlate to profitability, value creation and how well their companies are run.
It's the only dynamically compensated IR edge detector on the market, says the supplier, AccuWeb Inc., Madison, Wis.
165(a), which allows a deduction for "any loss sustained during the taxable year and not compensated for by insurance or otherwise." However, the courts have consistently followed the Supreme Court in Tank Truck Rentals and held that a loss deduction will be denied when allowing it would frustrate a sharply defined Federal or state policy.
However, since their introduction, Congress--almost on an annual basis--has passed laws to reduce the amount of 401 (k) and other qualified plan benefits (profit sharing, money purchase pension, defined benefit) that companies can provide to highly compensated and midlevel executives.
Only 50 years and 50 new specialties later, the general practitioner, now called family practitioner or general internist and trained for three or more years past the MD or DO, is thought to be able to do nothing well and is compensated accordingly.