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Synonyms for compensate

make amends


Synonyms for compensate

to act as an equalizing weight or force to

to give payment to in return for goods or services rendered

to give a satisfactory return to

Synonyms for compensate

make amends for

make up for shortcomings or a feeling of inferiority by exaggerating good qualities

do or give something to somebody in return

Related Words

make payment to

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In February, the government distributed $4.6 million to compensate workers from nine garment factories that had been shuttered and whose bosses absconded.
All we are asking is the government to compensate us via house tax," Gupta told ANI.
However, this standard has no legal bearing and carriers do not have to compensate passengers when the delay is caused by unforeseen necessity.
Demetris Georgiades said any decision to compensate depositors or bondholders should be in line with court decisions that will define the degree of responsibility of the various parties that may include supervisory authorities, other state institutions, banks, and also investors and depositors.
Following on from this, both the Australian and New Zealand governments decided after an inquiry which confirmed that the European prisoners of war 1940/45 were also were subjected to a brutal regime at the hands of their captors to compensate their European prisoners of war or their widows PS10,000.
The municipality also agreed to compensate families in the neighborhood al-Tariq al-Jadideh who incurred damages during street clashes last May.
Summary: DUBAI - Research in Motion has yet to decide if it will compensate telcos for a network outage that left tens of millions of BlackBerry users without mobile e-mail and messaging, its Middle East managing director said.
President Ali Abdullah Saleh has given orders to compensate 300 people in Aden for confiscating their plots of land, a move which comes amid solutions to the standing dilemma of properties in the south, an official said on Wednesday.<p>Director General of the Land and Survey Authority in Yemen's business capital Sheikh Salim Ba Nafa'a said the president is very concerned with the 17-year standing issue of lands at the Hiswa area, ordering now to compensate those whose lands were confiscated under public urgency or due to other reasons.
(AP) -- North Carolina lawmakers have decided to set up a fund that could compensate students at a proprietary school that closes its doors before their studies are finished.
New Canon Hybrid IS world's first Image Stabilizer to compensate for two types of camera shake
SHOTS AT ANIMALS over level ground are ideal, but if you hunt from a treestand or in the mountains, you will face many steeply angled shots, and you must know how to compensate. Without compensation for angle, arrows will hit high on downward and upward shots, and point of impact can change dramatically at severe angles.
He said that the directorate had collected the names of all registered and unregistered fishing net owners to see whether it would be possible to compensate all of them.
JEDDAH: In what has been hailed as a first in Saudi Arabia, the Court of Grievances here issued 18 verdicts compelling the Ministry of Transport to compensate citizens whose lands were claimed by imminent domain for the construction of the Jeddah-Jizan coastal road.
According to BDO Seidman's LeRoy, companies ought to compensate audit committee members in a way "that rewards them for long-term success, not short-term gains at the cost of long-term success.
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