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Synonyms for compensate

make amends


Synonyms for compensate

to act as an equalizing weight or force to

to give payment to in return for goods or services rendered

to give a satisfactory return to

Synonyms for compensate

make amends for

make up for shortcomings or a feeling of inferiority by exaggerating good qualities

do or give something to somebody in return

Related Words

make payment to

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If we compensate them all for everything, then you shoulder the direct budget burden to foot the bill for the mistakes committed by those who are actually accountable," said Georgiades, whose fiscal council monitors the state budget and its execution to avert derailment.
Fujitsu developed technology that, by using the transmitter's own reference signal, makes it possible to perform phase recovery without having to compensate for distortion in the transmission path.
Summary: Canon Middle East announced today the development of Hybrid Image Stabilizer (IS), the world's first* optical Image Stabilizer which compensates for both angular camera shake and shift camera shake.
Any such agreement, however, must compensate the employee at least as generously as they would be compensated under the FLSA.
Marootian, along with 12 other plaintiffs, filed suit in November 1999 in federal District Court in Los Angeles, asking that New York Life divulge the names of Armenians who purchased life insurance policies in the Ottoman Empire and to properly compensate the beneficiaries of those policies.
New test pilots generally complained about the roll rate and its attendant PIO during landing approach, but they quickly learned to compensate.
g3(h) deduction when the warrants were exercised, but the Tax Court disagreed; it held that the warrants did not fall under that provision, because they were not issued for services, but to compensate the individuals for additional risk.
If the casting volume is small, the other gating components may provide adequate feed metal to compensate for shrinkage.
For the second step, Stark, "the issue is how can we equitably compensate physicians so that it's not based on the volume or value of referrals," says Tinsley.
Pre-compensation can be turned off when receivers are used that compensate for the high-frequency roll-off of the cable and backplane.
The jaws of the retractable jaw chuck extend and retract to enable the turning of shafts in a single operation and also compensate for part irregularities.
This response may reflect the recruitment of a brain system to compensate, at least in part, for neural losses sparked by sleepiness, they suggest.
Some companies may offer additional deferred compensation plans to Highly Compensated Employees to compensate for the possible restrictions of a 401(k) plan.
In the Adlerian model, individuals compensate to deal with some felt inferiority.
Many of these men have since developed radiation-induced illnesses and some have died of these illnesses, but the United States refuses to compensate all but a few of the men and their families.