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for which money is paid

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Perkins Machine Co., stating that even if an employee has a compensable work-related injury, post-injury conduct by the employee can operate to restrict or terminate the payment of benefits.
A new generation of workers who are more prone to stress, or at least more willing to view their emotional problems as compensable injuries is maturing into the work force.
The Division of Workers' Compensation will decide what part of Paradigm's fees are compensable under Texas law in the case referred to it by the 12th District Court of Appeals.
The Division of Workers Compensation will decide what part of Paradigm's fees are compensable under Texas law in the case referred to it by the 12th District Court of Appeals.
For cases such as overlapping benefits, when the involuntarily separated employee files a case against the employer, when the filing or payments involves fraudulent or false claims, or when the employee is rehired within the same compensable period, 'the settled unemployment insurance or involuntary separation benefit shall be deducted either in partial or full from the future benefits of the member.'
After the hearing, the deputy commissioner concluded that the left shoulder injury was compensable and awarded workers' compensation benefits to Bourdeaux.
The employee also loses re-employment and reinstatement rights if the employee is eligible and participates in vocational assistance, accepts suitable employment with another employer after becoming medically stationary, refuses a bona fide offer from the employer of light duty or modified employment that is suitable prior to becoming medically stationary, fails to request re-employment or reinstatement within seven days of being notified by the insurer or self-insured employer by certified mail that the attending physician or nurse practitioner authorized to provide compensable medical services has released the employee for employment, or three years have elapsed since the date of injury.
Charter, the Supreme Court of South Carolina explained "idiopathic falls are excepted from the general rule that a work-related injury is compensable."
After the parties submitted simultaneous affidavits, the acting referee dismissed the case on the ground that suicide is not compensable.
A review of what time is compensable may help businesses understand what changes may be necessary to handle the increase in minimum wage.
"Gradually developed injuries are compensable as well as those caused by sudden incidents.
The first WHD opinion letter addresses whether an employee's travel time is compensable in three specific scenarios: (i) an hourly technician travels by plane on a Sunday to a different state to attend a training seminar running Monday through Friday; (ii) an hourly employee, using a company vehicle, travels from home to the company office and then travels to a customer location; and (iii) an hourly technician drives from home to multiple customer locations on any given day.
In the second opinion letter, the WHD opines on whether a non-exempt employee's hourly 15-minute rest breakscertified by a health care provider as required by a serious medical condition (and thus covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act)are compensable under the FLSA.
When an employee must travel away from his or her home community, the travel time is generally compensable work time when it cuts across the employee's regular work day.
Cohen later asserted, unsuccessfully, that the meeting was an unusual interruption of her work routine and therefore constituted a compensable accident under the state Workers' Compensation Act.