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Synonyms for compendium

Synonyms for compendium

a publication containing a variety of works

a concise but comprehensive summary of a larger work

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This is the Second Edition POV Compendium for Autumn Publishing Enterprises, the publisher of Community College Week.
These closely read Point of View pages attract other submissions and those are also presented in this second compendium.
The new compendium is just the beginning of the changes that Pallante hopes to implement.
To help website owners understand how to effectively register their website copyright as well as what content is copyrightable, the new compendium includes 20 pages of tips on the subject.
This compendium of reviews on the human parasitic infection, schistosomiasis, is a timely and much-needed resource for both research investigators and clinical personnel in many scientific and medical fields.
Agilent developed these compendiums, and the expanded GC/MS Designer Drug Library, in collaboration with NMS Labs.
These comprehensive Compendiums are very unique in that they are dedicated entirely to bankruptcy and intellectual property business valuation cases," Lucretia Lyons, President of BVR said.