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Synonyms for compendious

marked by or consisting of few words that are carefully chosen

Synonyms for compendious

briefly giving the gist of something

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I thought I might just catch him out by quizzing him on the definition of 'imprecation' and 'compendious' (which I had been saving up to ask him).
We see that Austen's mind is a portable and compendious ocean, that from Austen's perspective, England is a place where multiple eras are "simultaneously visible," "different times pressing against each other" (18).
To write like this without stumbling requires a compendious knowledge, not only of anarchist literature, but also of the many disciplines on which anarchists draw for inspiration.
A compendious work such as this can lead one to wonder whether the time spent with it can have any practical benefits.
It appeared at the same time as Olga Weijers's In Search of the Truth: A History of Disputation Techniques from Antiquity to Early Modern Times (Brepols, 2013), a much more compendious and detailed survey of disputation than the present volume.
An index of authors and their writings is provided; a more compendious index would have been appreciated.
Publishing eight books in rapid-fire succession, from the compendious Ancient Cosmos and Contemporary Science (1927) to the breathtaking Dialectic of Myth (1930; available in English translation by Vladimir Marchenkov), at times Losev seems locked in a quixotic and apocalyptic battle against Soviet Marxism; it ended with him arrested in 1930 and consigned to hard labor at the notorious White Sea-Baltic Sea Canal.
Amnesty International has produced compendious evidence of mass abduction and detention, beating and routine torture, killings and atrocities by the rebel militias Britain, France and the US have backed.
First published in 1684, the autobiographical pamphlet - entitled A Plain and Compendious Relation of the Case of Mrs Mary Hampson - anticipates the confessional and scandal-ridden memoirs and autobiographies that are devoured by readers today.
But, dissatisfied with his own efforts, on his return home to Leipzig, JSB set to compile the mind-bogglingly compendious Musical Offering, in which he subjects Frederick's little theme to the most rigorous academic treatment in a variety of forms.
We know these texts were popular and influential because they were reprinted many times; important examples include Thomas Elyot's The Castle of Health, Andrew Boorde's A Compendious Regiment or A Dietary of Health, and William Bullein's A New Book of Physic called the Government of Health.
He was also, indeed, closely involved in the selection and arrangement of materials for the last of Tolstoy's several compendious religio-philosophical anthologies, The Pathway of Life ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
And Sally Fitzgerald edited the compendious volume published by the Library of America (1988), which seems now--not to put too fine a point upon it--to be quite possibly the greatest single volume ever written by an American.
Neither a compendious treatise nor a simple introduction, this fourth edition text aims to present and develop the fundamental concepts in each of the three areas under consideration.