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driving or forcing

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tending to persuade by forcefulness of argument

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Anyone open to the idea that repressed childhood anger can play an important role in an adult's emotional life can accept the probability that pre-Oedipal resentments played some role in the persecution of some women as witches, but Willis does not make a compelling case that they played the predominant role she posits for them.
"Congress's general conclusion that DMT is dangerous in the abstract," he said, "does not establish that the government has a compelling interest in prohibiting the consumption of hoasca under the conditions presented here."
While Grande's thesis and map for the canon are important, I find her subsequent chapters to be less compelling than her introduction.
The burden-of-proof always rests on the challenger to demonstrate a value sufficiently compelling to overcome intrinsic incumbent advantages like maturity, multi-vendor availability, installed base, and supporting infrastructure and the bar never sits still.
All three women are fascinating, and Davis offers a creative and compelling look at her subjects.
Cantor of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md., "we'll have a much more compelling set of data to act on...
Under well-settled law, a "compelling interest" must be more than just a good reason - it is the highest level of court scrutiny laws are subject to, and the most difficult for them to survive.
Once we understand the extent to which compelled commercial speech is appropriately deemed to violate at least one prong of the three-pronged analytical model that I have posited, (24) we will then be in a position to determine what sorts of compelling interests will nevertheless justify governmental compulsion.
As explained more fully below, the Supreme Court has never given a general account of what makes some ends that government may pursue compelling and others not.
In the past, this court has struck down attempts to compel speech from abortion providers, and today it does the same with regard to compelling speech from abortion foes.
Comprehensible and Compelling: The Causes and Effects of Free Voluntary Reading
Identify prospective clients with a compelling reason to change.
stated, "We think the action of the local authorities in compelling
THE INTERRUPTERS TBC THIS compelling documentary from Steve 'Hoop Dreams' James turns the spotlight on a group of 'violence interrupters' based in Chicago.
As per details, the non-availability of gas connections in Partal, the adjacent area Union Karpa compelling local residents to use, gas cylinders, Kerosene oil and woods as a fuel, whereas people are in trouble due to the high prices of gas cylinder and kerosene oil.