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Synonyms for compatriot

fellow countryman


Synonyms for compatriot

a person who is from one's own country

Words related to compatriot

a person from your own country

References in classic literature ?
Lucien gave his purse to his compatriot, telling him to come to him the next day, that arrangements might be made to secure the comfort of the family.
Treville understood admirably the war method of that period, in which he who could not live at the expense of the enemy must live at the expense of his compatriots. His soldiers formed a legion of devil-may-care fellows, perfectly undisciplined toward all but himself.
It is true that this provincial was a Gascon; and that, particularly at this period, the compatriots of D'Artagnan had the reputation of not being easily intimidated.
Time was necessary to blend the numerous and affluent colonists of the lower province with their new compatriots; but the thinner and more humble population above, was almost immediately swallowed in the vortex which attended the tide of instant emigration.
Yes, my compatriots, happily cast him out and sent him forth!
Tirop's Kenyan compatriot Kamulu will also be seeking to create history in the race.
US Monastir will play at the semi-finals on Tuesday their compatriot, hosts, ES Rades who had reached that round after beating Algeria's GS PAaAaAeA@troliers 89-87 arlier in the afternoo
Egypt's Tarek Momen defeated his compatriot, Mohamed Reda in all three matches with 11-4, 11-5, 11-3, resulting in final score of 3-0.
GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi, aged 21, led the onslaught by the 19-man Indian delegation with a victory over GM Enamul Hosain of Bangladesh, while GM Gao Rui led the 13-man Chinese delegation, beating compatriot Yuan Qingyu in 33 moves.
Netherlands captain Robin ver Persie made his compatriot Arjen Robben his first choice, likewise Victor Kompany who voted his Belgian compatriot Thibaut Courtois in the first postion.
An Emirati was killed while his compatriot critically injured, when the car they were travelling in crashed into a lorry on Monday.
According to, the 31-year-old Kipsang clocked a time Sunday of two hours, three minutes and 23 seconds to better the previous mark set two years ago in the same race by compatriot Patrick Makau, who was forced to pull out through injury two weeks ago.
Top seeded Japanese Mai Minokoshi also overcome a stiff resistance from compatriot Sanae Ohta, before winning 7- 6( 4), 6- 3.
Summary: Reigning world champion Jorge Lorenzo cut compatriot Dani Pedrosa's lead in the championship standings to ...
Argentina and Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez had an unlikely role at the British Open on Sunday when he carried compatriot Andres Romero's bag.