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In order to maximize the locking torque, the inner radius has been chosen as small as possible, compatibly with the shaft dimension (Figure 1).
I hope the move works out for Paul whose new shop is, compatibly, next to the legendary Kellys Records.
In part, he attributes this failure to theorem-induced bias, where new contributions in economics are compelled to conform compatibly with the historically accepted framework of economic theory.
"The Runaway Dandelion" is more than a modern eco-fable, it is a true story to inspire a generation with its vision of healthy alternatives for human families living compatibly with nature.
The United Kingdom Department of Transport has recently pointed out that "real-world testing of automated technologies is possible in the UK today, providing a test driver is present and takes responsibility for the safe operation of the vehicle; and that the vehicle can be used compatibly with road traffic law" (7).
In an attempt to measure the Fuzzy concepts in a numerical manner, at least it has been tried to define numbers that compatibly describe the possible fuzzy concepts.
Therefore, a thermoelectric generator (TEG) structure that can compatibly increase efficiency and reduce cost was investigated with the aim of enhancing cost effectiveness.
In this study, no significant correlation was found between the clinical severity index and CRP, WBC, and neutrophil compatibly. However, these markers were observed to be statistically significant in the differentiation of viral and bacterial pneumonia.
Compatibly the rate of severe dementia late in the course of MS was 20%-30% (17).
I've now come more clearly to see that an empiricist has to grant that intuitions play some role, and has to specify that role compatibly with empiricist strictures.
Another important sector Aemulus is focused on is mobility, where their ATEs are designed to work compatibly with cloud-platform tests, similar to Dropbox, which allows data sharing and data backup, making data easily accessible and providing mobility for users.
One might think of American and Czech horn playing as being different stylistically, but these musicians, who together form the Czech-American Horn Duo, have found a happy stylistic middle ground wherein their sounds merge compatibly.
There may be, compatibly with the sovereignty of the state, federation, autonomy or the recognition of nonterritorial civil and political rights.
I prefer tawny ports, particularly 20-year-olds, which have achieved a mellow nuttiness from long barrel-aging sometimes referred to as "rancio,'' yet are still lively enough to dance compatibly with dark chocolate.