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in a compassionate manner


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He put an arm round each of his sister's waists, and, looking compassionately backwards and forwards between the Diamond and me, said, "Carbon Betteredge!
even careless strangers--they who had no feeling for her, but the interest of the moment--they who would go away and forget next week that such a being lived--even they saw it--even they pitied her--even they bade him good day compassionately, and whispered as they passed.
"Sure, now, if she an't a sight to behold!" said old Dinah, compassionately; "'pears like 't was the heat that made her faint.
Bird, compassionately, as the woman slowly unclosed her large, dark eyes, and looked vacantly at her.
Vanstone, smiling compassionately. "We have known him since he was in jackets, and Magdalen in short frocks.
"Poor Ellen," she simply remarked; adding compassionately: "We must always bear in mind what an eccentric bringing-up Medora Manson gave her.
Doing so will not just mitigate the potential for productivity and revenue loss, but compassionately support the employee, as well as the community.
Since that time, I have met with DAV service officers in mobile units who explained to my wife and me (compassionately and very reassuringly) what her benefits would be if I predecease her.
The most difficult individuals, who are also the least likely to be kind, can surprisingly, benefit the most from behaving compassionately, a new study has revealed.
We all can live as compassionately as possible, within our own capabilities.
All that remained was this bruised face I made out in the mirror--for the first time, compassionately, as if at long last I might be moved for someone else's sake.
The overall goal of Pallium's work is to strengthen Canadians' ability to provide interprofessional, home and community-based palliative care through education and support to healthcare professionals and family/neighbor carers so that every Canadian who requires palliative care will receive it early, effectively and compassionately.
During a visit to the area on Saturday, residents said they were pleased that Ngilu acted fast and compassionately.
At times like this, all people of faith and goodwill join together peaceably, compassionately and prayerfully with those caught up in the events of Finsbury Park."