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As for my interest, monsieur, I only referred to it by mere chance,--the mere chance of finding myself in the same train with you, and in the same compartment of the same carriage."
A rush of salt, cold air swept into the compartment. He sniffed it eagerly.
A maid was already awaiting her at the door of the compartment. Hamel was suddenly conscious of the fact that he disliked her going immensely.
Once they were settled in their compartment, and the train, shaking off the endless wooden suburbs, had pushed out into the pale landscape of spring, talk became easier than Archer had expected.
Shortly thereafter a guard entered our compartment and dragged me to the deck.
There was nothing in the compartment, and no other occupant.
The Class S-14 train consists of two air-conditioned compartments and two second-class compartments and three third-class compartments.
Priceworth International Bhd has been approved to manage and harvest in two more forest compartments, encompassing 1,446 hectares (ha), within Forest Management Unit 5 (FMU5) for a 12-month period.
A special ladies police force tasked with protecting women on public transport issued challans to a lot of buses in Karachi for allowing male passengers to ride in female-only compartments here Tuesday.
Only anterior and lateral compartments were affected and successfully treated with single-incision fasciotomy.
The aim of this study is to report on a new therapeutic option in compartment syndrome, the intermittent massage of involved compartments.
"It is another object of the present invention to provide an airplane whose internal space can be distributed in a flexible manner between passenger and cargo compartments."
Navy said on Tuesday divers have begun searching in the flooded compartments of a U.S.
MRI of the lower extremities showed anterior leg compartments edema bilaterally but was otherwise negative (Fig.