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divided up into compartments or categories

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If you are in a situation where you are compartmentalized from the engine of your business, or where all you do all day long is put out fires reactively, then I would suggest that you have a problem and you need to take action to fix it.
But such compartmentalized independent activity in one single neurite was never demonstrated in the worm neurons before.
Consolidated, on-demand performance data from compartmentalized repositories allows pre-emptive analysis and improves internal and external efficiencies.
Using a range of primary and secondary sources including the obvious (diaries, advertisements, maps) and the innovative (rail-road timetables), Hepp attempts to show how middle-class Philadelphians constructed an increasingly compartmentalized urban environment in the last quarter of the nineteenth century.
Anderson's bags are compartmentalized to accommodate items such as cell phones and PDI's.
Various stakeholders can access secure compartmentalized information across enforceable hierarchies--at transaction, account or portfolio levels--in real time.
His compartmentalized culinary delight "started a change in American eating habits bigger than any change in culinary history since the discovery of fire and cooked foods," according to Robert Thompson, director of the center for the study of popular television at Syracuse (N.
Time is compartmentalized in the linear, arbitrary calendar that is most widely used today.
Vaguely conceding Laing's idea that the modern self is opposed to an imprisoning and internalizing social reality (5), Bower poorly defines modern society as compartmentalized and fragmented.
Over 600 muscles comprise this prodigious network, many of which are compartmentalized into three distinct anatomical planes (check the illustration):
Veis as part of a chapter on compartmentalized precipitation mediated by the collagen matrix in vertebrates.
There are several types of Japanese bento, but most are either served in a compartmentalized container within a decorative box, or like NRE's O-bento meals, in a round dish with the various components attractively arranged on a generous bed of rice.
So, when asked about human factors during the brief, I responded with my standard, "I'm compartmentalized and ready to fly.
Buildings can be quickly compartmentalized to contain a threat, providing safety to occupants and additional time for first responders.
For instance, technology is often compartmentalized in Academics, Finance and Administration, Student Affairs, and Advancement, or loosely coordinated under a separate line officer who is more of an inventory-keeper and repairperson than an accountable administrator.