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Synonyms for compartmentalized

divided up into compartments or categories

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If suites are to be compartmentalized relative to adjacent to zones, the corridor pressurization based ventilation system is no longer a feasible option for ventilation of the suites, and the ventilation air would need to be ducted directly to each suite or supplied by in-suite systems.
If you are in a situation where you are compartmentalized from the engine of your business, or where all you do all day long is put out fires reactively, then I would suggest that you have a problem and you need to take action to fix it.
"Peace process cannot be compartmentalized" Chairman of the Defence Committee added.
Sturgis plans to purchase of two compartmentalized trailers for placement at selected sites for collecting additional recyclables and the purchase of a larger baler for recycling cardboard.
In a musical landscape when genres are compartmentalized like products in a grocery store, Kung Fu Grip delivers a swift kick to the status quo.
The process is built around compartmentalized totes, which bundle bottles of pills within a tote.
Our current systems of education and learning are compartmentalized institutions driven by funding streams.
Each fruit contains exactly 840 arils, compartmentalized between shiny, tough membranes that make the arils labor intensive and time-consuming to remove.
Glass Magazine is the official magazine of the National Glass Association, and The Crystal Achievement Award noted Sculptural Glass Doors' significant innovation and architectural technology in using compartmentalized hollows within their patented glass for insulation.
"I wondered if Moroccan men compartmentalized their sexuality just as they compartmentalized 'their' women and regarded sex simply as lust, furtive pleasure, rather than an idiom for expressing affection or articulating relationships.
This is a simple concept in which operations are "compartmentalized" into specific areas or "cells."
You have this highly compartmentalized conversation about the larger context and making sense of the larger environment--then it's dropped for a year and picked up again the next year.
"If you have the whole cell, then you know that all the fetus' DNA is compartmentalized in that cell," Guetta says.
He's come up with a patent-pending system that uses multiple carbon composite cylinders of pressurized air that are attached inside a compartmentalized and fire retardant body vest.
You seem to think that sexuality should be compartmentalized.