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Synonyms for compartmentalize

categorize or categorise


Synonyms for compartmentalize

separate into isolated compartments or categories

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In more concrete policy terms the ability to compartmentalize means that Turkey, unlike Saudi Arabia, always supported a nuclear agreement between Iran and the West.
For example, fire risks require planners to also include the ability to seal off and compartmentalize underground space quickly," said Janos Bogardi, director of UNU's new Institute for Environment and Human Security.
"He is able to compartmentalize the day and really focus on each thing: When he is in your rehearsal, he's not anywhere else.
A: If you compartmentalize A stress, and so try to ignore it, it may manifest itself in depression, anxiety or other emotional symptoms, as well as in physical symptoms such as headache, stomach aches and fatigue.
For Muslims--and, Nasr might have added, for the Haredim and Christian fundamentalists--everything is "covered": "The Shari'ah is the concrete embodiment of the Divine Will, and in its most universal sense it embraces the whole of creation." (Given this stunning certainty and the fact that the great bull of the Shari'ah dates from many centuries ago, it's not surprising that, as Nasr himself admits, "It will take some time before Islamic civilization can develop its own authentic political forms.") This refusal to compartmentalize the sacred may be intellectually consistent, but it runs counter to the peace, or truce, that many Jews and Christians, particularly those in the public ey e, have made with Enlightenment skepticism toward absolutes and championing of individual freedom.
lawsuit seeking to ban a computer chip that foils Sony's attempt to compartmentalize its PlayStation game console markets.
But at the same time, when people on the left compartmentalize and see only the good in someone like Jesse Jackson, Buchanan accuses them of corrupted thinking.
The new venture also allows Hyseq to compartmentalize its businesses between therapeutics and microarrays.
But I cannot view Jamal in increments and pieces of who he is and what his life is because he is not the sort of writer who allows us to compartmentalize, to split off from reality, to say one thing, but be another.