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a mild state of dissociation

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"In human neurons, there is more electrical compartmentalization, and that allows these units to be a little bit more independent, potentially leading to increased computational capabilities of single neurons."
You can't ever make them "tight-enough" to prevent this; there are practical limits to compartmentalization.
Will the downing of a Russian jet by Turkey end this compartmentalization? The short answer is "no." This incident will certainly push the limits of the compartmentalization without fully ending it.
This will allow us to determine the role of PDE4 isoforms in maintaining the cAMP compartmentalization in cells.
"When you say compartmentalization, it doesn't necessarily mean that even though you're part of the team and the unit you're included in the operation, you're entitled to know the details," he said.
The compartmentalization of various disciplines has created all this issue.
The myth of compartmentalization asserts that we can keep things separate.
Discussion of structural modeling from theory and data using compartmentalization is followed by kinetics modeling, deterministic and stochastic cellular systems modeling, noncompartmental whole-organism modeling, and biosystem oscillations.
Cunningham Energy has chosen the Packers Plus System frac system for compartmentalization of the reservoir during stimulation.
Kim said the Bank would seek to reduce annual costs by $400 million a year, restructuring to reduce compartmentalization and cut bureaucracy, to better deliver bank services in its fight against poverty and underdevelopment.
We will develop this work as follows: We begin with a description of the classical view of industrial production in line with three basic characteristics: utility, compartmentalization, and independent external end-point--basically caused by industrialization in the development of the production of goods.
The discussion of language use comprises of the participant's code-switching behaviour and compartmentalization (Fishman 1991) across various domains of language use.
This modularity and compartmentalization helps companies that are looking to get the benefits of bulk packaging while still getting some form of discrete unitization, Fillmore says.
Effective containment, or compartmentalization, is a logical next logical step in the fire-safety equation, CCMPA contends.
His intellectual heirs in the College de Sociologie also failed to challenge effectively the modern compartmentalization of value spheres.