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Synonyms for compartmentalised

divided up into compartments or categories

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So, when women go for compartmentalised thinking, they can be great leaders."
The company will also benefit from YoCrunch's expertise in compartmentalised packaging, it explained in a press release.
He said Claudia "compartmentalised"herlifestyle,adding:"Very few people actually knew what Claudia did when she went home and closed the doors."
Illustrated with hundreds of colour pics, the book has four sections: Connect - dealing with the way rooms inter-relate; Divide - how a home can be successfully compartmentalised; Space - looks at comfort and inspiration; and Utility - the basic functions of any dwelling.
And pounds 15,500 will be invested in 25 compartmentalised bins in Huddersfield town centre which will have separate sections for recyclable waste.
The server is compartmentalised in such a way that each user has their own RAM, disk space, CPU allocation and kernel as well as applications, which allows different users to use different operating systems on the same server.