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Synonyms for compartmentalise

separate into isolated compartments or categories

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You have to compartmentalise your thoughts and be completely aligned with their interests Blue Water Recoveries director David Mearns
"But women find it hard to compartmentalise sex and emotions.
But Musharraf, according to the book, argued that he would "compartmentalise" the support between al Qaeda and Kashmiri terrorists.
"I try not to compartmentalise things too much into years, but generally speaking, I'm happier than I've ever been in my life," quoted Brand as saying.
Compartmentalise - projects can be broken down into clearly-defined subsystems, that could be purchased separately.
You feel people are either for you, or against you, but it's not that black and white, so stop trying to compartmentalise them.
Strauss, though, stressed: "I think it's important to compartmentalise each form of the game and pick the best side to play in any given series.
However, Brown claims he was merely trying to compartmentalise the season in saying he would have been happy with 20 points from the first 10 games and 20 from the second.
Storage security solutions must provide the ability to cryptographically compartmentalise data on shared devices or networks, and customise access controls and security requirements for each 'vault.' This is particularly important in protecting data from the risk of insider theft.
Because traditionally defined roles compartmentalise women professionals, federal departments recruit more women as teachers and medical staff.
A leader finds that the best way is to compartmentalise the issues, to isolate each of them and address it separately for some time until a breakthrough is achieved or at least some incremental progress is accomplished.
Built on ISO standards, the solution is designed to help banks to compartmentalise payments messaging, message transformation and payment processing while providing high fidelity insight.
People do tend to compartmentalise friendship groups though, and never the twain shall meet.
Seemingly an expert in everything, the American's work encompasses many dark themes and is difficult to compartmentalise into any genre.
Compartmentalise. Create some hidden areas by dividing your garden into sections.
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