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a mild state of dissociation

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Compartmentalisation is essential during construction to stop the spread of fire.
Kim said that the bank would seek to reduce annual costs by USD400m a year, restructuring to reduce compartmentalisation and cut bureaucracy, to better deliver bank services in its fight against poverty and underdevelopment.
Kildare chairman John McMahon explained: "We have put in a new system for stewarding inside in the ground, a new system for accessing and a new system for compartmentalisation once you get inside.
He pointed out that the correct use of fire resistant ductwork meant that fire compartmentalisation could be maintained and that it could assist in the safe dispersal of smoke and hazardous flames.
The solution offers AES 256 encryption and transmission over cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite networks, as well as compartmentalisation of private and professional e-mail and contacts.
They advocate setting up quarantine measures, systematic isolation and detention for displaced animals, and methods of compartmentalisation or a reduction in farm suppliers.
finally, compartmentalisation among Christians and Mohammedans.
"We are now investigating the possibility of plugging the leaky pores and thereby preventing the breakdown of cell compartmentalisation," he added.
He manages to accumulate a broad range of stylistic types, but marked with an indelible signature that makes any compartmentalisation impossible.