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divided up into compartments or categories

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Patna (Bihar) [India], Sep 3 ( ANI ): The Bihar Secondary Education Board (BSEB) on Monday declared the results of the secondary compartmental examination, which revealed a pass percentage of 26.63 per cent only.
The final compartmental model included a categorical covariate to account for this lag in absorption as well as body weight as a covariate of total body clearance (relative to unknown bioavailability).
The compartmental model proposed in this work to explain the migration of impurities is shown in Figure 1.
analyzed a compartmental nonlinear deterministic mathematical model for the typhoid fever outbreak and optimal control strategies in a community with varying population.
Acute compartment syndrome is a condition defined by increased compartmental pressure which causes a decrease in perfusion pressure, ultimately leading to tissue ischemia.
For radiological characteristics, compartmental status [14], presence of peritumoral edema [15, 16], and the tumor border [7] were investigated using preoperative MRI scans.
The company said it was invited to join SimInhale because of its state-of-the-art Pulmonary Compartmental Absorption and Transit (PCAT) Module in its industry-leading GastroPlus physiologically based pharmacokinetics software program.
It features high-volume compartments and a unique design that allows each individual compartmental removal that increases convenience and portability.
This has promoted several workers to measure intra compartmental pressures following trauma and to enunciate the possible critical level so that a timely fasciotomy can save the limb from the grave sequelae.
(1) developed a deterministic SEIR (susceptible-exposed- infectious-recovered) compartmental model and a stochastic continuous-time Markov chain version (Figure).
The compartmental examination will be held on July 16.
Among the topics are compartmental models, numerical solutions of differential equations, phase-plane analysis, some extended population models, solving time-dependent heat problems, and introductory partial differential equations.
He said that the syllabus of medical colleges of Pakistan revolves around the text books imported from America and Europe and medical graduates take a lot time in acclimatizing with the local needs during their professional life as compartmental education is being imparted to them.
Constructed of plastic-coated steel pipe and joint components, the station incorporates plastic dividers and spacers that provide compartmental storage for the cards.
Their topics include compartmental epidemic models, heterogeneity in epidemic models, modeling influenza, models for the transmission dynamics of HIV, and dynamic models of tuberculosis and applications.
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