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divided up into compartments or categories

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2],[3],[4] However, the progression of lateral compartmental osteoarthritis (LCOA) is one of the major downsides of UKA.
The final compartmental model included a categorical covariate to account for this lag in absorption as well as body weight as a covariate of total body clearance (relative to unknown bioavailability).
Several workers have established different technique of measurement of compartmental pressures, each one claiming some advantages over the other.
Compartmental models of historical Ebola virus outbreaks Feature Model Chowell et al.
Detailed examples regarding the modeling and simulation process as well as applications from dynamical systems modeling, continuum physics modeling, molecular dynamics, compartmental models, agent-based modeling, system dynamics, as well as cellular modeling and simulation are explained and contrasted.
Constructed of plastic-coated steel pipe and joint components, the station incorporates plastic dividers and spacers that provide compartmental storage for the cards.
Their topics include compartmental epidemic models, heterogeneity in epidemic models, modeling influenza, models for the transmission dynamics of HIV, and dynamic models of tuberculosis and applications.
Within the last generation it became evident on a widespread scale the allopathic model of pharmaceutical intervention and compartmental care in all aspects of health is not the final answer to our national health crisis, and now chiropractic, ACAM, et.
Pharmacokinetic parameters were evaluated by using two compartmental model approach.
My concern was exceeding the compartmental limits of the C-40A, specifically regarding weight/balance and center of gravity limits.
ISG has once again scored a 100 pass result with no compartmental in any subject as well.
Derivation of parameters for single dose and for both compartmental and non-compartmental approaches for intravenous and extravenous dose in single compartment has been presented in a step-by-step manner.
The pad-mount transformer is compartmental type, self-cooled, as well as tamper- and weather-resistant, and it conforms to the enclosure security requirements of ANSI Standard C57.
Additionally,the compartmental lab design will be helpful to maintain confidentiality and cross contamination.
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