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compare prices for a given item

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Google often places its service, called Google Shopping, ahead of links to other comparison-shopping services.
consumers rank eighth in terms of smartphone use for comparison-shopping and are No.
Kimberly Haberlin, a spokeswoman for Burnes and the insurance division, said the site is similar to comparison-shopping auto insurance sites in other states.
Even with a slowing growth rate, the dollar amounts are rising in the billions, points out Ron LaPierre, chief executive of, one of the largest comparison-shopping sites.
Thus, current business practice penalizes consumers for comparison-shopping for the biggest financial decisions they'll ever make: which mortgage to take to buy their home and which auto loan is best suited for their needs.
Californians now have the Health Insurance Store to aid them in online comparison-shopping for providers and healthcare options.
Kosmix Health Search technology has been selected by Healthia, the nation's first integrated comparison-shopping portal for healthcare products and services.
CONTRAST AND COMPARE: Comparison-shopping is the only way to buy online.
Shoppers remain wary of giving personal information to online sites for fear of being "spammed" or having their identity stolen, according to a survey of 3,500 online buyers conducted by, a comparison-shopping site.
LOS, which launched earlier this month, is a comparison-shopping Web site that allows consumer electronics retailers to advertise all of their inventoried products for a flat rate.
Bowker has added new features to its Books in Print web site, allowing wholesale direct ordering from Emery-Pratt, a leading supplier of books to libraries in the US, and retail direct ordering from among 45 online bookstores through AddALL, a free comparison-shopping service of national and international titles.
US-based Cognigen Networks Inc has unveiled BottomLine, its new comparison-shopping technology.
Comparison-shopping engines (CSEs) influenced 3.7 percent of the total $38 billion spent on business-to-consumer (b-to-c) e-commerce sales in 2000, according to a report from Winterberry Group, a research and consulting company (
Shopping offers impressive consumer services including Inktomi's comparison-shopping engine, promotional deals from Impulse Buy, product guides from Consumers Digest Online, convenient Yellow Pages/local merchant search capabilities, and online merchant listings by retail categories.
Here are some comparison-shopping guidelines to consider: