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in a relative manner


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You do not realize that a comparatively few years ago he may have been in a tenement or (quite likely) in a jail.
Moreover, under all the stains of his plunging through ploughed fields or bursting through dusty hedges, the man was comparatively clean.
"Now, see here," vociferated the stranger, striking the table, but speaking in a voice that was all the more mysterious because it was comparatively mild and rational though still resounding.
I felt comparatively safe in my present location as I knew that one man could defend the trail to the cave against an army.
The residue of my downward progress was comparatively easy; the roots were in greater abundance, and in one or two places jutting out points of rock assisted me greatly.
While, however, he discharged his functions with credit and fidelity, Marmaduke never seemed to lose sight of his own interests; for, when the estates of the adherents of the crown fell under the hammer, by the acts of confiscation, he appeared in New York, and became the purchaser of extensive possessions at comparatively low prices.
Hence, after fruitless attempts to suppress such investigations indirectly by making them liable to a heavy tax, the Legislature, in comparatively recent times, absolutely prohibited them.
On the other side was comparatively level ground, thickly covered with wild oats.
Those which lie east of the Mississippi are comparatively small, are exceedingly fertile, and are always surrounded by forests.
Grose literally well in hand in advance of my sounding that note; so that even now, as she bravely blinked under the signal of my word, I could keep her comparatively firm.
They are comparatively delicate, indeed; I dare say, not to exceed half a dozen yards round the waist.
He was to do this without the help of any written or printed specimens, with nothing in the shape of a grammar or analysis, but merely by oral communication with his Indian instructor, or with other natives, who, however comparatively intelligent, must from the nature of the case have been very imperfect teachers.
He hesitated to tell the Athelnys what had happened to him: they had always looked upon him as comparatively well-to-do, and he had a dread that they would think less well of him if they knew he was penniless.
These included three comparatively resistant (Arka Anamika, Bhindi Punjab Selection and Bhindi Sabazpari), three intermediate resistant (Rama Krishna, NS-810 and Baharti Kaspori) and three comparatively susceptible cultivars (RK-516, OH-152 and Tarnab Nargis).
Since tax rates are comparatively high, honest people are often tempted to escape from it by making false returns of their property and income.
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