comparative psychology

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the branch of psychology concerned with the behavior of animals

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Kohler's research in Tenerife supported a widely held idea in late nineteenth-century comparative psychology: the importance of visual perception in grasping a problem situation (Boakes, 1984).
comparative psychology The study of similarities and differences in behaviors among living beings, from bacteria to plants to humans.
The study titled Blindfolded Imitation in a Bottlenose Dolphin is published in the International Journal of Comparative Psychology. (ANI)
Turner (1867-1923), according to Oklahoma State's Web site, pioneered the comparative psychology and animal behavior movement in America.
Holyoke Colleges, and it could also be integrated into college-level courses on developmental or comparative psychology. Based on conversations we have had with high school teachers throughout New England, there are ample opportunities for integrating this exercise into high school curricula.
He introduces radical behaviorism as a philosophy of science, including treating behavior as a subject matter in its own right, then describes the foundations of radical behaviorism from 1800-1930, including the contribution of post-Darwinian comparative psychology, and then the second phase of the movement and the contributions of Skinner.
Herbert Spencer, "The Comparative Psychology of Man," (1876) in Essays Scientific, Political, and Speculative (New York, 1910), pp.
His studies in psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, and comparative psychology have provided Bell the opportunities to discover first-hand how different students learn differently.
55) that Morgan was not attempting to free comparative psychology from its mentalistic origins.
While Sheets-Johnstone suggests that bracketing is distinct to phenomenology, it seems to me an important part of scientific theory construction in some sciences, such as comparative psychology, when one tries to discern or imagine the essential aspects of some phenomenon for a non-human (thereby 'allen') organism.
Mothers only reacted to the cries of their own infants and sometimes hurried in the direction of the calls, the researchers report in the March JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PSYCHOLOGY. But the baboon moms remained silent.
Natural Behavior: The Evolution of Behavior in Humans and Animals Using Comparative Psychology and Behavioral Biology
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