comparative negligence

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(law) negligence allocated between the plaintiff and the defendant with a corresponding reduction in damages paid to the plaintiff

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If enacted, the bill would impose comparative negligence on all construction projects that receive federal funding.
Furthermore, the comparative negligence defense that the patient did not tell the gynecologist about the failed condom/Plan B would most likely reduce the amount of damages, but not eliminate liability.
Consider the sheer number of claims involving intersections, lane changes, parking lots, slip and falls, assumption of risk, or liquor liability and the comparative negligence that should almost always be evident.
Comparative negligence is a defense to strict liability claims if based on grounds other than the failure of the user to discover the defect or to guard against the possibility of its existence.
In more than half of the cases that get in front of juries, comparative negligence situations are in play.
56) This de facto system resembles not merely modern comparative negligence but the more severe common-law contributory-negligence regime.
24, 2013) ("[I]t is clear that Florida's system of comparative negligence was implemented for the express purpose of allowing recovery in negligence cases based on a jury's allocation of comparative fault--on a percentage basis--among all individuals who were negligent in bringing about an injury.
Judges who take seriously the traditional approach to the common law--that the common law is retrospective and embodies certain established principles designed to vindicate parties' legitimate expectations--could find themselves in a difficult predicament when it comes to recognizing a new and novel rule such as comparative negligence.
The failure to read the policy, at most, may give rise to a defense of comparative negligence but should not bar, altogether, an action against a broker.
South Dakota is the only jurisdiction left in the United States that clings to a species of the archaic and ill-conceived comparative negligence law commonly referred to as the "slight-gross " rule.
6 percent comparative negligence that the jury assessed against the policyholder), but for the full $78,223.
3) Developed through a string of judicial interpretations of the Kansas comparative negligence statute, (4) the rule has since been embraced by the legislature and has enjoyed consistent support in Kansas courts.
On remand, and assuming Iran were to appear in court and offer a defense, an interesting argument could be made to limit damages as a result of the plaintiffs comparative negligence in allowing a young U.
the comparative negligence regime as a distinct doctrine.
17) For instance, some courts have not focused specifically on applying comparative fault principles to punitive damages, but rather whether a state's comparative negligence statute applies to intentional acts for which punitive recovery could be implicated.
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