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in a comparable manner or to a comparable degree

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Comparably Awards are based on sentiment ratings from employee participants who anonymously rate their employers.
Fuze, the cloud-based communications solution provider for the modern global enterprise, has announced it has been recognized with three Comparably 2018 Culture Awards, including the naming of CEO Colin Doherty as a top leader for female employees, the company said.
Jason Nazar, CEO of, said, 'Comparably's annual Best Places to Work list represents the top 50 companies among thousands of U.S.
Job-hunting and employee-review site, Comparably, has revealed that Google is reportedly the best place to work in 2017.
Researchers found that people with low physical functioning, but high resilience, rated themselves comparably to physically healthy people with low resilience.
The intelligent magnetic concept designed into the solenoids allows a very high holding force at a comparably low power input offering a stroke up to 30 mm, a holding force up to 2000 N and depending on size and load, fast response time with switching times of < 5 ms.
Offered in four models ranging from 4,000- to 6,000-pound capacities, the QX Series of 80-volt electric trucks runs on 100% AC power for fast travel and lift speeds with lower operating costs than comparably sized internal combustion forklifts.
The company says that a patented quick-lock feature allows removal and servicing of the core unit while the mold is still in the press, and the DT Core's compact design allows for tighter cavity spacing, which results in the ability to use a smaller press or to add more cavities versus a comparably sized gear and rack mold base.
Swift claims the fuel will be comparably priced to other GA fuels and more efficient.
According to the company, studies have shown that FC2 performs comparably to the first generation product.
DynoLAB LT offers the test control and data acquisition capabilities required for basic electric motor testing as well as all of the benefits of an ac motoring dynamometer, but costs up to 35 percent less than a comparably equipped DynoLAB EM system, according to the company.
The mercury-free Xenon right out-performs comparably priced metal halide and halogen light sources with a bright, white light that is ideal for surgery.
It includes the 5000 series network-attached storage, providing significantly more archiving capacity than comparably priced storage systems.
The CMS allows up to 65% higher part productivity compared to comparably sized single-station presses, even those of much higher injection tonnage, according to the company.
Dr Heather Rupp, from Indiana University, said: "Men looked at the female face much more than women and both looked at the genitals comparably."