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As with the comparability between the fourth quarters of 2017 and 2016, comparability between the fiscal years of 2017 and 2016 was also significantly impacted by the TCJA-driven charge to income tax expense of $6.
However, a starting point to indicate the effects of IFRS adoption on the comparability of financial information is first identifying whether there was comparability between the choice of practices made by companies.
Operating earnings include revaluations of purchased debt portfolios amounting to SEK 35 M (7), and items affecting comparability of net aACAoSEK 35 M (0).
As a consequence, we will be able to understand the case of comparability graphs, which includes bipartite graphs as a special case: The acyclic orientations of the edges of a comparability graph G that maximize the number of linear extensions are precisely the orientations that induce posets whose comparability graph agrees with G.
On the contrary to the importance of financial statements' comparability capability there are trivial evidences of the advantages of it for the users of financial statements.
The editors also provide a concluding synthesis which addresses issues of comparability, convergence, and congruence.
However, there is a very long way to go in order to improve consistency and comparability.
However, in addition to the statutory carve-out for part-time employees, it recommended that the final regulations allow the comparability rules to be applied separately to employees subject to collective-bargaining agreements, consistent with the carve-outs in other parts of the Code and regulations.
Boyle explained that while supporting the FASB's goals of improving consistency and comparability of financial reporting, TEI does not believe the exposure draft should be adopted.
Anthony Mire-Sluis, principal advisor for regulatory science and review at the FDA's Office of Biotechnology Products, cited the following "take-home messages" on assessing comparability and key issues the FDA is wrestling with in biotech quality.
3) specify that a contracting officer's comparability determination is not subject to the arbitration procedures of FAR 8.
If necessary, it may be feasible to get some idea of the comparability of measurement results of any given method with others obtained elsewhere by measuring certified reference materials or by comparing the method against one for which the validation has been carried out.
The dating of important minerals and geologic materials depends upon accurate determinations of potassium (K) and argon (Ar) isotopic ratios, but significant interlaboratory disagreements (1 % to 2 %) exceed intra-laboratory uncertainties by an order of magnitude, hampering comparability of results.
The use of eligibility criteria, vesting standards, separate organizations, leased employee arrangements, comparability analyses and other strategies enabled many physicians to accumulate large retirement savings on a tax-deferred basis at an acceptable cost for others.