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qualities that are comparable

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Profit before tax, excluding items affecting comparability, rose 10% (3% excluding exchange rate effects) to SEK 3,024 million ($353.
The objective of this contract is to organise a study on the comparability of national assessment methods, to be conducted by appropriate experts so that the European Commission can explore the feasibility of assessing language competences in the Member States.
Income per diluted share excluding certain items affecting comparability is anticipated to be $1.
As a consequence, we will be able to understand the case of comparability graphs, which includes bipartite graphs as a special case: The acyclic orientations of the edges of a comparability graph G that maximize the number of linear extensions are precisely the orientations that induce posets whose comparability graph agrees with G.
The editors also provide a concluding synthesis which addresses issues of comparability, convergence, and congruence.
However, there is a very long way to go in order to improve consistency and comparability.
The effort required to assess comparability is directly proportional to one's understanding of one's product and process--keep records of relevant data from research onwards in a readily accessible form.
If necessary, it may be feasible to get some idea of the comparability of measurement results of any given method with others obtained elsewhere by measuring certified reference materials or by comparing the method against one for which the validation has been carried out.
These biases arise from memory effects in ion sources and affect the reliability and comparability of carbon-13 and oxygen-18 measurements used in studies requiring high interlaboratory reproducibility, including research relevant to climate change.
The use of eligibility criteria, vesting standards, separate organizations, leased employee arrangements, comparability analyses and other strategies enabled many physicians to accumulate large retirement savings on a tax-deferred basis at an acceptable cost for others.
The concern has been comparability, and the district has addressed comparability,'' said Regina Rossall, assistant superintendent of educational services.
If we are reflecting theoretically on the nature of comparative literature, then we need to attempt to work out the basis of comparison in literary studies, the nature of comparability itself.
1988), but did not study score comparability in employment.
The total Husqvarna Group's sales and operating income adjusted for exchange rate effects and items affecting comparability, increased by 6 percent and 7 percent respectively, compared to the first quarter previous year.