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the name by which a corporation is identified

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Basic requirements for company name are as follows:
New provisions of the Companies Act 2006 from October last year allow a person, or the owner of a company name, to object to the introduction of another company name which is the same or similar.
One difficulty with using registered trademarks in relation to third party company names is that you need to establish that the company name was being used in the course of trade relating to the sale of relevant goods or services.
Preparations are underway to rebrand the 1,856 Vodafone shops nationwide and other customer touch points, and rename products and services in time for the company name change on 1 October.
In Swedish the company name would be Cencorp Abp and in English Cencorp Corporation.
Subsequent losses in court forced Smith to change his company name to BizStarz, his domain name to Bizstarz.
Company Name / Location / Type: Costco Wholesale Issaquah, Wash.
Each of the designations can be searched by an individual's last name, except for the AAMC, which is searchable by company name.
MARK: On the other hand, if you know of some particularly adept company name or product name--one that expresses itself or its underlying concept particularly well--then I'd like to hear from you.
company has ``no plans to change our company name along those lines,'' said spokeswoman Lisa Glover.
For instance, in July, 2007, some representative company name changes included:
executive probably opens all the mail he receives from the Financial Times of London, but I wouldn't include the company name on the outer envelope if you've named your company after your dog.
Company Name / Location / Type: International Design Guild Atlanta FL