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Synonyms for companionless

lacking the company of others

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The moon might not have always been a companionless, lonely crescent, they suggested in the Aug.
Where Jehane is surrounded by new and lively faces, footsteps, and voices, the lack of a response to her song and her lover's silence draws in the bleak imagery of place in "Mariana" to emphasize the emptiness of her own companionless landscape.
That there is no God & no universe; that there is only empty space, & in it a lost & homeless & and wandering & companionless & and indestructible thought.
My curiosity about these companionless specimens was piqued several years ago.
for you have existed, companionless, through all the eternities.
A piece of the water clover is now restricted to a medium-sized, hole-free, glazed pot and it will remain - companionless.
From the grocery shopping to the pre-season scouting, setting up blinds and gutting the animal, it is all done companionless.
4]), thereby establishing an emotional bond foreign to his interlocutor's apparently solitary, companionless existence.