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Evolutionary psychology--as well as good taste and the ideology of companionate marriage--offers an explanation.
Many marriages were happy and companionate, while "children were much prized and desired" (p.
These chapters rely more on the advice manuals, which McComb sees promoting the rise of the companionate marriage ideal, an ideal more usually associated with postwar efforts to get Rosie the Riveter back in the home.
Luxon's research, methodology and line of argument addressing, for example, the reasons why "Enlightenment and modern state constitutions do not stipulate sexual difference as crucial to marriage" (xi), or why "modern notions of marriage [are indebted] to Athenian doctrines of pederasty," and why neither "feminists nor evangelicals will be overjoyed to learn how much equalist feminism owes to puritan formulations of companionate marriage" (4) may appear to less sympathetic readers as mere conjecture.
The barriers in Persuasion reflect three sweeping social movements as they apply to women that inform the courtship narrative as it develops in English beginning as early as 1741 (Pamela): the slow recognition of women's right to own property, the spread of the ideal of companionate marriage, and the rise of affective individualism.
The early 20th-century companionate family ideal undermined notions of motherly duty and promoted more egalitarian gender roles and increased autonomy for family members.
His wife had to become a helpmeet in recovery if the couple aspired to postwar companionate marriage.
Patriarchal and companionate marriages were not developmental stages but poles in a continuum.
The new urban culture in which they lived contained possibilities for more equalized gender relations, exemplified by the valorization of women's writing, the cult of qing (love) and the popularity of elite companionate marriages.
Unlike the many women whose marriages disrupted their professional aspirations, Sprague found that her companionate marraige reinforced her work.
p 87) The book takes as a given that the early republic was a time in which ideals of companionate marriage were novel, and it echoes much existing literature, cited throughout the book, on the delicate balance early American women struck between legal, economic, and cultural constraints and their own agency in navigating those.
Embedded in what Grace calls the "genderalities" of mid-nineteenth-century Missouri Nation yearned for the security of a home in which she could realize her aspirations for companionate marriage and domestic authority.
In a thoughtful and detailed essay entitled "'We Would Share Equally': Gender, Education, and Romance in the Journal of Rachel Van Dyke," McMahon analyses the role of "romantic readership" in the exchange of journals as well as the constraints of sexual difference, the doctrine of separate spheres and the concept of companionate marriage, and the provocative issue of Mr.
Two theological sources are of particular interest: process theology, with its articulation of God's perpetual invitation to step from the past into the future, and the pneumatology of Jurgen Moltmann, emphasizing the companionate, indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.
To be a true leader one has to be companionate, empathetic and caring towards other's needs, Further he added.