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Synonyms for companionable

Synonyms for companionable

liking company

spent, marked by, or enjoyed in the company of others

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suggestive of companionship

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Metcalf is a wonderfully companionable guide, never shy of revealing his own values.
Age: 8 Personality: When Misha first arrived at Cats Protection about seven months ago she was shy and withdrawn However, now she is far more confident, companionable and relaxed around people.
How I liked the companionable atmosphere of living in a small community.
Originating from crosses of English pointers with--you guessed it--hunting poodles, the pudelpointer is deservedly gaining popularity throughout North America for its versatility and companionable disposition.
The moon shines down and we have what is known as a companionable silence.
As a man shortly to reach my 86th birthday I have met many Conservatives who on the face of it are companionable but beneath the veneer they regard the working class as socially inferior.
Children wandered among the homes, forming random groupings in a kind of Brownian motion, playing, talking and making a companionable racket.
We are highly companionable creatures but we often tend to close the door and nestle down in winter.
They are companionable, strong, stoic, dependable - all of the traits you need in a good travel buddy.
Even when reducing things to two interconnected parts, their relationship seems more companionable, less stark or improbable.
With the ageing population growing at an unprecedented rate, sheltered housing providers must develop cost-effective, holistic services to create more specialist, modern and companionable housing options.
Saturday LOCAL indie heroes The Twang take it in turns to headline with Liverpool Britpop survivors Cast in a companionable tour of 02 venues.
Anyone who has a pet dog knows that dogs are endearing companionable creatures, each an individual with a distinctive personality and particular habits.
She is happiest when she has something to do or has someone to love and shows this by being companionable and loving.
In Christ's companionable spirituality the dividing wall is torn down so that all can be called and included in the transformed life instituted by the Pentecostal gift of Christ's Spirit to the world.