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suitability to be a companion

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Companionability in the marriage relationship is discussed in Part I.
These may seem tokens of companionability, yet a certain way into a poem the atmosphere grows a little chill; further in, as the conversation strolls on, one senses the force field of a protective ease.
Instead, observers of the working classes noted a growth in the number of married women workers, the decrease in family size, the increased companionability of working class marriages, and the emergence of an apparently reformed working class masculinity.
On the other hand, RP speakers scored low on traits like friendliness, companionability, and sincerity, and messages couched in RP also proved to be less persuasive than the same messages in local accents.
If "style is personality," as the rhetorician Richard Lanham says, readers may detect little companionability in that persona.
Something of the singularities of the place did of course come up in that first all-night conversation, almost every subject and detail of which remains fresh in my mind to this day, but of course what most remains with me is the sense of having met someone who was not only clearly very intelligent and interesting, well and widely read in history and literature as well as philosophy, and an almost ideal interlocutor, but who was also, for all his easy humor and companionability, genuinely serious and reflective in a way I had seldom encountered among my contemporaries.
And this fundamental companionability has its special setting:
But the interviews also show a remarkable companionability among many of the blacklisted writers.
He attributes his companionability to the influence of four sisters and has exclusively dated schoolteacher Caroline Fentress through most of his teen idol years - and proposed to her last fall.