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Synonyms for compactness

the quality, condition, or degree of being thick

Synonyms for compactness

the spatial property of being crowded together

the consistency of a compact solid

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Besides being able to compare different soils, the degree of compactness may link studies about machinery traffic, soil compactness, soil properties, and crop growth (Hakansson and Lipicc 2000).
So, the companies from Cluster 2, with the highest average values of variables (the coefficient of the revenue size, ICT potential, compactness of the relationship) have the highest average values related to the Internet revenue and the revenue from fixed telephony.
The Mickey Mouse district, Popper says, "would be four to five times more compact than North Carolina's 12th District" using that compactness measure.
While poor compactness scores do not prove gerrymandering, they are a measurable indication of the practice.
Features include compactness and convenience, Zeiss optics, state-of-the-art illumination, impressive mobility, and ergonomic benefits.
All redrawn districts must be as equal as possible in population and reflect communities of interest as well as geography, cohesiveness and compactness of territory.
1996) which concluded that there are many ways of achieving sustainable urban form other than through compactness.
TTCM developed an advanced technology employing micro-emulsification, which enables a reduction of the amount of resin used in the production process and at the same time raises the product compactness, strength and infiltration quality.
This configuration was chosen for maximum compactness and application flexibility, as well as for minimum thermal interaction between injectors.
The nullified districts were bizarrely shaped and violated the Constitution's promise of racial equality by subordinating ``traditional'' criteria - such as compactness and community boundaries - to racial factors, the court's conservative majority said.
Despite its overall compactness, the unit's LCD screen with large (3/8-in.
Compactness and economy are the prime features of the new SureWeld 20 ultrasonic welder, designed with the power supply integrated into the welding head.
Our customers have indicated that the compactness and flexibility of the Mini-Mux 840 Remote Terminal makes it an ideal vehicle to facilitate roll outs in their network.
Economy, durability, compactness, and serviceability are today's key criteria for temperature-regulating equipment.
They are being very well received for their ruggedness, compactness and versatility.