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Synonyms for compactness

the quality, condition, or degree of being thick

Synonyms for compactness

the spatial property of being crowded together

the consistency of a compact solid

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His pleasant neatness and compactness, his small hands and feet, his teeming ready brain, his unaffected accessibility, and a certain fine apprehensiveness which stamped him as susceptible from his topmost hair to his tipmost toe, proved irresistible.
Because he is interested in the convergence of semi-martingales to prove the statistical limit theorems for censored data that arise in clinical trials, Mandrekar introduces the Billingsley convergence in a separable metric--the Polish space--and shows the compactness of the sequences of probability measures on Polish space using Prokhorov's the so-called tightness condition, which connects compactness of measures with a compact set having large measures for the whole sequence of probability measures.
Soil compactness has been characterised by the use of several soil properties, such as bulk density, porosity, and soil strength.
In order to reinforce state protections against gerrymandering, Missouri courts must interpret this constitutional requirement in a way that ultimately holds redistricting authorities responsible for justifying gross deviations from the standard of compactness.
of Chicago), and they apply the method of concentration compactness (as in Bahouri, GA[c]rard and Kenig, Merle) to the large data wave map problem with the hyperbolic plane H2 as target.
1 : degree of compactness, firmness, or stickiness <Bakers need dough of the right consistency.
Fastlite (Chicago, IL) introduces new laser systems based on their "Dazzler," a widely used inline acousto-optic programmable dispersive filter known for its extreme compactness and pulse shaping accuracy.
The casting features hollow serpentine passageways, compactness, asymmetry and net-shape surface areas cast from a titanium alloy.
Davis-Standard will show a second new extruder line at NPE, which is notable for its compactness and low cost.
The Japanese might be said to have elevated compactness into an art form (bonsai, origami, capsule hotels), but lack of buildable space is a perpetual and pressing issue.
The greatest feature of the new P1 Type is its compactness ranking No.
The obvious advantage of using a skid steer in demolition and C&D recycling applications are compactness in size and versatility," says Gregg Zupancic, product marketing manager for skid steers for John Deere Worldwide Construction & Forestry, Moline, Ill.
Temperature control is by means of a Peltier device which is said to offer simplicity and compactness, as well as relatively rapid changes in set point temperature.
What sets this lightweight, portable system apart is its compactness, which facilitates mobile neonatal auditory screening.
The PL-6920T comes with a 12-inch SVGA TFT display with enhanced brightness and four ISA/PCI expansion slots, while the PL-6921T has two expansion slots for compactness.