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a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record

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The compact disk was developed with the assistance of contractor Gannett Fleming, of Camp Hill, Pa., to address traffic operation and safety deficiencies at military posts, said Richard Sumrak, project engineer.
The Safekids compact disk contains several programs aimed at children and their parents.
Five years ago Don Beasant, owner of Donny "B" - a Radio Shack franchise and Sony dealership - installed a point-of-sale cash register system and discovered that his operation was losing about $45,000 annually in stolen cassette tapes and compact disks.
Included on this compact disk are not only all 300 magazine columns but also the full texts of 15 of his books plus photographs and an in-depth interview.
Now this database is available on compact disk through CD-NAARS, the AICPA'S first CD-ROIVI product.
The data indicate that if the age of a disk and average temperature of a home were known, measurements of alpha particle etching in a compact disk could indicate radiation exposure from radon with an accuracy of about 10 percent, Pressyanov and his team claim.
Grabbing an image, downloading a music track from a new compact disk, or sending a copy of a news article to a friend is a cinch on the Internet.
A team of researchers has applied this rule of thumb to gallium arsenide, the semiconductor material used in the laser elements in compact disk players.
That's the danger in transmitting or storing data as strings of ones and zeros -- whether encoded in radio waves broadcast by a distant spacecraft or in microscopic pits on the gleaming surface of a compact disk.
The tiny laser in a compact disk player or a laser printer generates light from the excitation of electrons in an active layer of a sandwich of semiconducting materials.
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