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a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record

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Bennett goes on to add "Companies that use compact discs to promote their business should be environmentally responsible and promote disc recycling awareness, showing dedication in helping the environment.
Watch the compact disc through the notch as you tilt the spectroscope back and forth until you see a thin rainbow on the disc.
Compact discs hold 650-700 megabytes of data, movies or music, which puts them on the low end of the capacity-scale when compared with magnetic tape, hard drive, and other data storage options.
Conclusion: Therefore, if the compact discs that were stolen were in a vehicle that contained a player that could only be operated by the power from the vehicle, there would be no coverage for the 20 stolen discs at all.
NEW YORK - TDK has reduced its price on consumer recordable compact discs 20 percent in hopes of building a new consumer recording market.
As I strolled up and down the aisles of the music emporium, it occurred to me that the compact discs I'd been studying might merely be a bad batch of pirated CDs imported from China through one unethical distributor, but that other store in Manhattan might have the real thing.
Chapter 3 presents a detailed examination of the theory and physical properties of the compact disc, beginning with the encoding process and proceeding to a microscopic examination of the disc and the data pits.
It won't be long before every television set and personal computer includes a compact disc player of some type.
She also helps students use photo scanners, a computer editing program, and CD-ROM burners to make compact discs.
Zoological Record on Compact Disc will contain die complete contents of Zoological Record Volume 129-approximately 66,000 records - on one compact disc.
And China responded, shutting down numerous pirate compact disc factories.
Full-text case law on compact disc is available from West Publishing Company for Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Washington, in addition to previously released case law sets for California, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, and New York.
We take a compact disc that somebody is ready to put in production, and we do cleanup work and preparation for the master CD,'' Joani Waring said.
ImaTek recognizes that essential patents for manufacturing CDs and DVDs that cover every CD, Compact Disc-Recordable (CD-R), Compact Disc-Rewritable (CD-RW), Super Audio Compact Discs (SACD) and DVD disc manufactured in, imported into, purchased or sold within the United States and Canada are held by Philips and Sony.
And the collector probably would be even more surprised to hear the voice of the athlete when the card is placed inside a compact disc player.