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Synonyms for compact

Synonyms for compact

having all parts near to each other

precisely meaningful and tersely cogent

to subject to compression

to reduce in size, as by drawing together

an act or state of agreeing between parties regarding a course of action

a legally binding arrangement between parties

an agreement, especially one involving a sale or exchange

Synonyms for compact

a small cosmetics case with a mirror

Related Words

a signed written agreement between two or more parties (nations) to perform some action

a small and economical car

have the property of being packable or of compacting easily


compress into a wad

make more compact by or as if by pressing

closely and firmly united or packed together

Related Words


having a short and solid form or stature

briefly giving the gist of something

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The MCC compact is also funding the design and construction of a US$18 million5km raw water pipeline from the Mt.
The global compact on refugees is a response to large movements of refugees and protracted refugee situations.
The proposed compact would improve road networks and the bus system in the Colombo Metropolitan Region, and improve road connectivity between the central region and ports and markets in the Western Province.
But Carr was more interested in how cities and towns could be included in the compacts.
Given that Cosmax has manufactured cushion compacts for Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent and L'Oreal, global brands, which have already imitated AmorePacific's products, will also be able to produce their cushion compacts without paying royalties, threatening Korea's supremacy in the cushion compact market.
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, chairman of the UN Global Compact Foundation, said, 'I congratulate the Al Jisr Foundation on becoming the first non-profit organisation in Oman to sign the UN Global Compact.
The Office of the President said that the decree was signed during the meeting of Bilateral Compact Executive Committee, known as Compact.
Peters Hospital in Helena, submitted the request for the bill currently titled LC0234 Generally revise nursing compact laws.
Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact to divert water from Lake Michigan for its municipal water supply.
15-1442, also known as the California Multistate Tax Compact (Compact) litigation.
This memo was drafted to reply to supporters of the bill, HB 2502, authorizing the State of Arizona to join the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact promoted and developed by the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB).
Earl Ray Tomblin signed HB 2496, enacting the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. The law became effective June 10.
At least accessories are available at the online retailer Clove UK for the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Customise the device using covers, cases, gel shells and display screen protectors.