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Synonyms for comp

a free ticket entitling one to transportation or admission


Synonyms for comp

an intensive examination testing a student's proficiency in some special field of knowledge

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Once an employee had accrued 80 hours of comp time, the employer could choose to pay for the overtime with cash rather than with comp time.
We also condemn all illegal and irresponsible mining activities,' COMP said.
The fact that workers' comp has become a costly place for insurers isn't an argument for the death of workers' comp.
Diane Dare (30) won a Winter League comp from Ann Richards (29) and Jane Bell (29).
Provides: Dance class, shoe allowance, worker's comp.
Like Maine and Utah, other companies born of state workers' comp funds have sought to grow by branching out in new directions, not always with the same level of success.
Like the audit committee, comp committees increasingly are detailing the scope of the consulting work--and the related fees--for the entire year.
While it's still too early to say how much money will be saved--and how far workers' comp premiums will fall--estimates from lawmakers have indicated the overhaul could trim $4 billion to $6 billion from the nearly $18 billion system by imposing stricter limits on medical benefits, setting a higher standard of proof for workers claiming to be injured, and requiring employees to use doctors approved by their employers and their insurance companies.
To many guys, that became a comp store, the same-store number in the same market.
Under the 1985 amendments to the FLSA, comp time can be used instead of overtime provided there is an agreement or understanding between the employer and the employee that comp time will be granted instead of cash compensation.
Because although Christi's employer, contractor Michael Bennett, was required by state law to carry workers comp insurance policies for his employees, he had neglected to purchase any insurance policies.
Nevertheless, Thompson's worker's comp rates will increase approximately 30 percent this year.
To resolve the word war between Environment Secretary Regina Lopez and the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines (COMP) once and for all, Lopez should accede to the call of the chamber to visit mining localities ('Visit mining communities, DENR chief urged,' News, 7/30/16), but on condition that COMP will in turn agree to a joint visit with her to the places that she said suffer the adverse impact of mining operations.
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