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Synonyms for commuter

daily traveller


Synonyms for commuter

a passenger train that is ridden primarily by passengers who travel regularly from one place to another

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someone who travels regularly from home in a suburb to work in a city

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As a result, sociologists say we will probably see more commuter couples in the '90s.
Try spending a few hours aboard a small commuter airline and then tell us about airline safety.
The first three pilot initiatives were launched over the past two months as part of SMRT s on-going effort to enhance commuter experience touch-points.
The commuters, who travel daily between the twin cities had been facing problems due to non-compliance of route number 1, 1C, 3, 111, 120, 121, 24, 21, 124 and 127 by the public transporters.
ISLAMABAD -- Commuters are complaining against non-completion of routes and overcharging by public transporters plying on different routes in the federal capital.
However, in this statistic South Florida Commuter Services sees an opportunity for local commuters.
But while all are strong selling points, this plan likely would have encountered big-time problems with the City Council had it not been for the fact that it will open the door for 20 additional commuter rail trains between Worcester and Boston each weekday.
It is incredible the way they, particularly women, usurp these trains for themselves," says Berna Raj, another commuter.
And for the commuter hoping to win points in Hollywood, what could be better for landing that movie deal than a jet-black Bentley Continental GTC?
The project, which creates a state-of-the-art gateway to Staten Island for thousands of commuters and tourists, was developed over many years of planning and study by Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum (HOK) to meet the goals of the community and New York City through a unique design.
A Weston entrepreneur, who asked not to be named, is interested in running a private shuttle between residents' homes and the commuter train station, citing the environmental and economic benefits of carpooling, which dropped from 13.
A commuter highway vehicle is one with capacity for at least six adults in addition to the driver and carrying at least 50% of its passenger capacity--with at least 80% of its mileage being used to transport employees to and from work.
And in the summer season and after monsoon rains, it becomes very difficult for the commuters to wait in the scorching heat without sheds", Sarwar Hussain, a commuter waiting at Faisal Mor for public transport said.