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Synonyms for commute

travel to and from


  • travel to and from
  • shuttle between
  • travel between
  • travel back and forth between

Synonyms for commute

to give up in return for something else

Synonyms for commute

a regular journey of some distance to and from your place of work

Related Words

exchange positions without a change in value

travel back and forth regularly, as between one's place of work and home

change the order or arrangement of

exchange a penalty for a less severe one

exchange or replace with another, usually of the same kind or category

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Across the TriNet population, income is positively correlated with commute time.
One study indicated that long commutes cause workers stress during the commute, and then the stress eventually transfers over into their workday.
The Commute Smart awards recognize innovation and dedication by communities, businesses, agencies and individuals as they promote walking, bicycling, sharing rides and taking the bus to work.
Our state's commute trip reduction program is a great example of what can happen when public and private organizations work together to promote transportation choices other than just driving alone," Gregoire said.
Sam Staley and Ted Balaker reply: Data on commute distance are not as widely available as data on commute time.
Yet another factor complicating commutes is that the length of the peak morning and evening commuting periods has increasingly lengthened.
This is less than the weekly commute I had when I lived in a London suburb and worked in the City of London for many years - that was a total of 13 hours .
The route they have followed is to try to pinpoint the "real reason" that motivated the commute.
Blumenauer seems to say he opposes my proposal because in an emergency (and presumably during everyday commutes as well) the well-off residents with cars might more likely be stuck in traffic if poorer families are also on the road.
Executives at the top of the pay scale have much longer commutes than the majority of U.
However, it is true that our exhaled breath samples were taken 1-2 hr after the commute home (Liu et at.
Almost all participants (active and passive commuters) stated that their mothers were the usual decision makers concerning the commute to school.
The signs are everywhere--store clerks who commute from the Bronx to work in Bedford, police officers who commute from Orange County to their job in Sleepy Hollow, teachers who commute from Connecticut to their classrooms in White Plains.
N Only 11 per cent of workers outside London commute by public transport, of whom 68 per cent take the bus.