commutative group

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a group that satisfies the commutative law

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A solution tree is constructed from an extension tree with the property that for every leaf the coordinate group of the generalized equation associated to it is a fully residually G partially commutative group.
The following definitions could be given for arbitrary finitely generated commutative monoids but we are mainly interested in the free commutative group [Z.
This is the left regular band analogue of free partially commutative monoids (also called trace monoids or graph monoids [18, 14]) and of free partially commutative groups (also called right-angled Artin groups or graph groups [31]).
More precisely for two commutative groups A and B we introduce the secondary cohomology group [sub.
In these materials from the session of January 2003, participants describe their developments in the technique for the group theory/logic interface, including a detailed survey of the sate of the art in the theory of formal language as it applies to groups, an expansion of the language metaphor in Lyndon's free length functions, A-free groups and tree-free groups, effective J8J decompositions, lifting solutions into generic points in algebraic geometry over free groups, and divisibility theory and complexity of algorithms for free partially commutative groups.