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Synonyms for commutability

exchangeability by virtue of being replaceable

the quality of being commutable

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2) This suggests that commutability of the EQA materials and the WHO reference standard is questionable, and this may potentially affect the comparability of the results.
In 2013, Laboratoire national de metrologie et d'essais (LNE) organized a similar study to assess commutability of 5 freshly prepared frozen serum pools prepared according to the CLSI C37-A protocol for HDLC and LDLC.
Two decades of development in the commutability of enzyme quality control materials.
A new collaborative study will evaluate the IS against other genotypes and subgenotypes of HEV and investigate the commutability of the IS for standardization of assays for different genotypes of HEV.
In poetic terms, in "Away, away, it is the air" it is as if the elements of Wordsworth's style, so often combining for inclusive, expansive effects of limpidity and commutability, (48) have been spun apart in a centrifuge.
As a generic advertisement, it represents the commutability of consumer goods notwithstanding the way we fetishize our brands.
Usually it will be schooling ahead of everything else; commutability particularly to local towns, Birmingham and a lesser extent London, taking into consideration A-roads, motorway networks and airports such as Birmingham International, and villages and towns with good facilities.
Sam Gibson, partner at Strutt and Parker, which covers an area between the Tweed and Tees, says commutability is a key factor.
A combination of space, gardens, hobby facilities, views and commutability put Riding Wood Farm in a rare category.
Similarly, the central category of restricted collocations can be broken into subdivisions depending on how strictly the criterion of commutability is applied.
In our case, we considered interesting those adjective-noun collocations which met the following criteria: 1) they were used in a wide range of texts types and contexts (very specialised or subject-dependent collocations such as "single market" were rejected), 2) they were semantically transparent (as opposed to expressions such as "bottom line", classified as idioms given their noncompositionality), and 3) they were arbitrarily restricted in their commutability and/or combinability being, thus, necessary for learners to store them as single units (as opposed to free combinations of words which can be freely built by speakers simply by applying the rules of semantics and grammar, such as "young people").
The inclusive "we" marks an affective world where distinctions of identity do not count, because all the elements of nature and scene enter into a joyful fluidity and commutability of identity--the pine commerce's with the sea-wind, the mountain clefts reveal the beauty of the valley and brooks, and blood runs in the veins as freely as the mountain streams.
The train station nearby offers excellent commutability to London and the apartments are just a short stroll from a thriving town centre with a fabulous cultural and social scene.
The properly that the new paradigm is based upon is the commutability of the differential operators involved in the ciphering and deciphering processes.
Since there are three cases of entity classification, three cases of verb classification and commutability between the entities, there could be a maximum of 54 (3 x 3 x 3 x 2) ways to classify two relationships based on their components.