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the body of individuals holding advanced academic degrees

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This symposium will provide an opportunity for a community of scholars, teachers, university administrators, students, and other professionals to exchange ideas about the role of writing centers in nurturing and advancing the culture of academic writing in Asia as well as the use of writing to improve teaching and learning.
The Kilachand College will work as a community of scholars, artists, scientists and professionals working together to innovate and redefine liberal arts education.
Prof Higgins said: "Durham University is a rich, global community of scholars and boasts the highest percentage of international staff of any UK university.
Its numerous higher education establishments have made it a major educational centre, with a true international community of scholars with students from 68 different countries, and faculty members from 35 different countries, and more than 40,000 graduates in different fields.
In affiliating with a research university of UNH's scope, Pierce Law faculty and students will join a wider community of scholars and enjoy significant opportunities for interdisciplinary research in the coming years.
Gross remarked that book history is uncharted territory: "with hazy boundaries and fluid forms, it awaits our clear-sighted forays in what promises to be a rich, collaborative, transnational community of scholars.
Thus, it marks the first in-depth study of the intellectual activity of this community of scholars and further attests to the historic role of women faculty in shaping the university.
This book on ecumenical "reception" marks the emergence of a new arena for that very activity; it is the first published product of a new independent global community of scholars for whom ecclesiological issues are not only of institutional import but of serious personal, intellectual, and ethical concern.
It is a community of scholars and postgraduate students committed to generating ideas, to challenging stereotypes and accepted wisdom, to pushing the boundaries of intellectual thought and to contributing to debates on biography.
We need to think of ourselves as members of a community of scholars engaged with graduate students, presidents, vice presidents, deans, chairs, and faculty members who all take a keen interest in ensuring current models of graduate education are keeping pace with an ever changing world.
This journal was founded to explore the nuances of liberal theory among an interdisciplinary community of scholars, but its slightly older sibling was a similarly titled popular magazine, now forty years old.
It is hoped that the scheme, and the Community of Scholars it funds, will produce evidence-based research that improves patient care and experience.
The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) announced that a new product, the Community of Scholars (COS), has been added to the DoD Research and Engineering Portal <https://rdte.
As one living and working at the (geographical) periphery of biblical studies, I would have been interested to see the impact of Fox's interpretation and contributions in a more globalized community of scholars who do not automatically share similar cultural, ethnic, and political presuppositions.
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