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able or tending to communicate

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This is a telling reflection on the articulatory and communicatory potential of the intermediary in trauma literature, just as a metafictional implication about the specificity of literature in broader cultural discourse, the airport as "Not coming or going.
in front of conspecifics, so mate choice decisions and any other communicatory interactions between choosing individuals, their potential mates, and by-standing individuals are usually part of extensive communication networks (Matos & Schlupp 2005; McGregor & Peake 2000; Peake 2005; Earley & Dugatkin 2005).
Most children acquire this abstract representation of linguistic structure through observations of their communicatory surroundings (Lindfors, 1987).
to bridge the communicatory distance between the unequal partners involved by adapting language, subject-matter and formal and thematic features to correspond to the children's stage of development and the repertory of skills they have already acquired" (14).
Heidenreich offers a more optimistic interpretation to counterbalance Nikolajeva's warning: "generic allusions themselves perform communicatory functions, and their recognition by the reader determines the effect of the novel" (141).
at 817; see also JORGEN WETTESTAD, DESIGNING EFFECTIVE ENVIRONMENTAL REGIMES: THE KEY CONDITIONS 221-23 (1999) (noting that the climate change has an "extraordinarily well-developed scientific-political complex, with several organizational entities and bodies fulfilling advisory and communicatory functions.
In addition, it has been shown recently that these structures can be altered to produce adaptations to specific communicatory pressures (Oberdorster and Grant, 2007).
Godbole, however, is carrying on a different kind of communicatory act, which the others do not hear.
iheringi by Postiglioni & Costa (2006), indicating that this behavior could be acting as a series of communicatory signals in sexual context, maybe using a seismic and/ or acoustic channel.