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The general African fabric characteristics of fauvistic colour application, irregular and asymmetric use of design elements such as line and shapes/form, symbolisms, conceptual and contextual aesthetic maneuvering and communicativeness have become a commercial idea exploited by many non-African fabric designing and printing firms that take advantage of the African fabric consumer market.
As Dowell remarks early in the novel, his nine years of friendship with the Ashburnhams "were characterized by an extraordinary want of any communicativeness on (their] part" and by the Dowells' decision to "repl[y]" in kind by "leaving out quite as extraordinarily, nearly as completely, the personal note" (GS 37).
the patient's expectations of a given medical service, which comprise the appearance of the office, quality and communicativeness, and patients' experiences of previously received medical services.
2010) and affect the rationality, adaptivity, integrativity and communicativeness of the used SISP method (Brown 2008).
It required the most despairing feats of will on my part to elicit from him communicativeness, kindness, talkativeness.
Baritone Williams has graced several Tardebigge afternoons, his genial, often ironic spoken asides, his eyes making every listener feel involved and warmed by his smile, adding to the irresistible communicativeness of his lustrous voice perfectly attuned to the room.
Therefore, in turning to narrativity as the expressive essence in the construction of educational knowledge, a series of principles arise regarding communicativeness as an aspiration and a necessity, the explanation of its subjective nature, its socially-composed construction, or its claims of intersubjective validity and transforming vocation.
Over tea with Sim Rosedale, Lily is suddenly seized by an "eager communicativeness," and by the conviction that he would be "the fitting person to receive and transmit her version of the facts" (Wharton 1985, 292).
At Nrityagram it's spellbinding, in the abhinaya sections, to watch the dancers' facial mobility and rapt gestural communicativeness.
108) However, it must be noted that describing sensitivity and emotional communicativeness as "feminine" traits risks perpetuating a stereotypical and circumscribed understanding of femininity.
One might call them innovative communicators (Hirschman, 1978) in that an innovative communicator is characterized by early adoption which has some degree of innovativeness and by opinion leadership which has a measure of communicativeness (Hirschman, 1978) and celebrities tend to rank high on both innovativeness and opinion leadership.
In the almost four years since Francesca played for us here in San Diego, she has rapidly advanced in her career, captivating audiences and critics with her performances, which combine talent and elegance, power and refinement, technical ability and the interpretative instinct of a brilliant mind, charisma and communicativeness.
The question also arises whether it is necessary to deal with these aspects of L2 vocabulary separately when assessing fluency, communicativeness and adequacy of language use in C1-level exams.
Rather, it is in her facial and verbal communicativeness that the soprano seems so much bigger than life, perhaps at the cost of a certain naturalness and humanity that must also be part of the Marschallin.
Work in contact with all presidential and government structure underlies in the fourth principle - communicativeness.