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Operators on surface, using control devices and a wireless optical communication system, would manipulate the robots.
Now with the new micro-cellular technology, the digital communication system allows for wired and wireless data, and video information to get to the receiver within less than a second (time equivalent to a blink of an eye).
0 of the PacketHop Communication System offers significantly enhanced range between mobile nodes, spanning over one kilometer -- the length of 10 football fields and approximately 10 times the distance provided by off-the-shelf unlicensed spectrum wireless products.
Operators can access the system through dedicated microphone stations, ship phone systems and integrated communication systems from anywhere on the ship.
Mobile mesh software solutions like the PacketHop Communication System reduce voice traffic and provide first responders with more effective means to share mission-critical information.
Initially targeted at the Homeland Security market, the PacketHop Communication System is a software-based mobile mesh networking solution that easily loads onto any standards-based 802.
The PacketHop Communication System consists of the TrueMesh mobile mesh networking software and the Aware(TM) for Public Safety suite of multimedia applications.
the leader in mobile mesh networking software and multimedia applications for instant wireless group communication, today announced that it will hold an invitation-only event celebrating the launch of its first products -- the PacketHop(TM) Communication System and the Aware(TM) for Public Safety suite of multimedia applications -- on Monday, August 22 during the APCO International 71st Annual Conference & Exposition at Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies baseball team.
L-3 Communication Systems-East, based in Camden, NJ, designs, develops, produces and integrates communication systems and support equipment for commercial, space, ground, air and naval operations.
In addition to high assurance COMSEC, L-3 Communication Systems-East designs, develops, produces and integrates communication systems and support equipment for space, ground air and naval operations.
Defendants are forever barred from making, stating, mentioning, posting on the internet anything which included the words "UNIVERSAL COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, INC.
On November 23rd 2004, ELGT and AWT officers and directors formally apologized to the directors, officers and shareholders of Universal Communication Systems Inc.
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