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Synonyms for communicate

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Synonyms for communicate

to give expression to, as by gestures, facial aspects, or bodily posture

to cause (a disease) to pass to another or others

to interact with another or others in a meaningful fashion

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Synonyms for communicate

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That is, I will illustrate how Black Speak acts to communicate a "truth" (i.e., convey a shared counter-cultural consciousness within personal and mass-mediated settings).
Reporting standards Requires communication of the The auditor is required to communicate the responsibilities for consideration of auditor's responsibilities.
Everybody is different so we communicate different.
"Basically, I feel a speech aid is desirable if individuals cannot communicate with their caretakers or others whom they see daily.
Mission: To identify, evaluate and communicate legislative and regulatory issues of interest to senior finance executives; to represent the views and opinions of FEI members on issues pertaining to tax policy; to provide a forum for peer interaction and discussion of tax issues; and to facilitate FEI members' understanding of tax laws, regulation and administration and their dealing with tax authorities.
Having the proper tools to communicate the offer effectively and being trained on how to use them are important to success.
Army personnel armor system ground troops helmet and the newer advanced combat helmet, the ITH provides hearing protection through both active and passive noise reduction technologies and enables soldiers to communicate in the high-noise environment (up to 95-plus decibels) that is typical of the M1114 up-armored HMMWV.
With a vast majority of people embracing the Internet by going online to communicate with family, business and government, the church was being left behind.
To compete with other insurers, a company must find a way to communicate to its customers the unique value they will receive as a result of their purchase of the particular product and their dealings with the carrier.
It was obvious that his inability to communicate caused him great anguish.
In response to what their professors were more likely to communicate to them in courses that discussed ethical or moral issues, 56 percent selected "clear and uniform standards of right and wrong by which everyone should be judged." The other 44 percent responded that their professors had more often communicated to them "what is right and wrong depends on differences in individual values and cultural diversity."
We dogs love to communicate (especially with other dogs), but it's a little tougher for us to communicate with people because we don't actually speak a human language.
With no peer-to-peer connectivity, USB alone is not appropriate for today's technology universe, where various types of devices communicate with one another, without a computer.
(1) More important, the Court acknowledged that criminals often communicate their intentions prior to the commission of a crime.