communicable disease

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a disease that can be communicated from one person to another

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However, better management and adherence to modified diets for non communicable diseases can be ensured by keeping cultural relevance under consideration before using Food Exchange Lists for such diseases.
He said that for the prevention of communicable diseases after disaster, it is important to know the factors causing them, modes of transmission, management of the infectious diseases, and then different preventative interventions to control the spread of communicable diseases.
The cabinet resolution also includes the measures that ought to be followed when any of the listed communicable diseases are discovered and how to fight it.
He said that mass immunization of the population affected after floods can be an efficient and effective way to stop the outbreak of communicable diseases, especially in children below the age of five.
2) Among communicable diseases, all diseases were more common in females except URTI and eye and ear infections.
He stressed that chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension do not increase the risk of contracting communicable diseases, but they can increase the severity of the diseases' complications.
Epidemiologists are spoilt for choice with regard to reference manuals on communicable diseases and the competing wealth of information available on the internet via disease control agencies.
The failure to address communicable disease spread in Central Asia has in part contributed to the region's sluggish progress in achieving the health MDGs.
Anne Halewood, in her 40s, is a communicable disease control nurse.
FDA believes that, together with the establishment registration listing, donor screening and donor testing requirements, requirements for current tissue practice will increase the safety of HCT/Ps, and public confidence in their safety, by preventing the introduction, transmission and spread of communicable disease.
Communicable disease outbreaks in the community can and will spread to the incarcerated population through contact with new bookings.
after a major outbreak of SARS or a similar communicable disease.
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