communicable disease

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a disease that can be communicated from one person to another

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Recent work has highlighted various types and etiologies of diabetes, some of which may fit the definition of communicable disease (CD).
Infectious and Communicable Diseases - During the last month of debate before passage of the ADA, Congress added and then eliminated a provision that would have permitted businesses employing individuals in food handling positions to transfer such employees if the employees had a communicable or infectious disease of "public health significance." Directed at persons with AIDS or infected with HIV, the provision would have permitted transfers of such persons absent any medical threat to others.
While it is a serious step to limit a person's freedom of movement, there seems to be little alternative in the case of highly infectious communicable diseases. The question then becomes how the law should be worded and how it might work in practice.
A number of correctional systems have invited the public health department's nurse or physician assigned to communicable diseases, tuberculosis management, and/or immunization programs.
FDA believes that, together with the establishment registration listing, donor screening and donor testing requirements, requirements for current tissue practice will increase the safety of HCT/Ps, and public confidence in their safety, by preventing the introduction, transmission and spread of communicable disease. The Agency's actions are intended to improve protection of the public health while minimizing regulatory burden.
Anne Halewood, in her 40s, is a communicable disease control nurse.
It is well documented that the spread of communicable diseases puts additional pressures on any health care system, but especially those that are fragile and underfunded.
National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) (a division of the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS))
However, Dr al-Soub said some communicable diseases, such as tuberculosis, have a 99% cure rate.
Communicable disease control and health protection handbook, 3d ed.
Our health programmes are still frozen in the framework designed in the 1950s to tackle communicable disease. We are yet to see a policy response to the heart disease and the diabetes problem which are becoming increasingly widespread.
To the Editor: We conduct communicable disease risk assessments after humanitarian emergencies, including natural disasters, and would like to clarify the findings of Floret et al.
The law, which also entitled authorities to introduce tough quarantine regulations, states that a person who knowingly exposes another to a communicable disease can face up to five years in prison, a fine of up to Dh100,000 or both for failing to comply with control measures.
Among the many communicable disease topics addressed in the "Control of Communicable Diseases Manual" are AIDS, hepatitis, influenza, polio, pneumonia, measles, mumps, sexually transmitted diseases and smallpox.
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