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Synonyms for communicable

Synonyms for communicable

capable of transmission by infection

disposed to be open, sociable, and talkative

Synonyms for communicable

(of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection

readily communicated

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According to the conditions of the touchstone of communicability, it becomes difficult to adequately differentiate conviction from certainty, and faith from knowledge.
Lauer's framework has advantages for its particular comprehensiveness, clarity, explicitness, consistency, practical usefulness, and communicability.
Blinded by the Sun is about the victimization of serious researchers by a failed research scientist, and Sweet Panic is about a psychologist of "Kleinian" persuasion working with teenagers whose communicability with their parents has reached a zero point.
This risk can be attributed to the severe medical complications that can develop from infection, and evidence that the organism is shed for long periods of time, creating an increased period of communicability.
The period of communicability for rabies is one to two months.
The results of R methodology generalizes to situations in which self-reference is lacking; Q methodology, in contrast, applies to self-reference exclusively, not as mental constructs but as empirically measurable subjective communicability (Brown, 1986).
A pilot study with ten respondents was conducted to test the practicability and communicability of the items.
Chapter seven offers practical advice on how to organize qualitative findings in written reports, how to report combined qualitative and quantitative results and how to exchange the credibility and communicability of qualitative writing.
In the early 1980s, the Seven Ss - usually presented in the shape of a circle or diamond - were as original for their juxtaposition of concepts not previously considered important as for their communicability through alliteration.
While these concerns are to be welcomed, it is not entirely unlikely that at least some of these concerns arise out of the scare of HIV and its high communicability, rather than trafficking as such.
The period of communicability lasts until a patient has completed 72 hours of antimicrobial therapy.
25) But these turns away from musicality are also turns away from communicability according to Adonis, who calls them rather mystic self-reflections on knowing the unknown, records of the mind talking to itself.
Hence, the question he poses becomes: in what sense could metaphysics represent a necessary pattern of thought (structure) for the existence of human discourse (language), and where could man's language be brought back into if metaphysics disappeared from within the constituting process of the communicability of words?
At the very least, he sensed a decline in the communicability of human experience and, in the fashion of the traditional storyteller, sought new ways of recovering this lost art.
The first difference is the rejection of verse--that is, of the whole arsenal of traditional forms--as a strategy to recover the communicability of poetry in modern times.