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Synonyms for communicable

Synonyms for communicable

capable of transmission by infection

disposed to be open, sociable, and talkative

Synonyms for communicable

(of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection

readily communicated

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6) This is due in no small measure to how communicability is implied by the critical use of reason.
Whether we call these processes governmentality (Foucault 1991) or bio communicability (Briggs 2011), what seems to be at stake in the performed sociabilities of Pedro and Katia is how minutest actions in ordinary situations may exercise micropower, by condensing and sustaining historical boundaries and struggles.
Table 1: Showing Knowledge and Awareness of Students about Hepatitis B and C (N=200) Pre interventional (N=200) Do not Belief about Communicability Yes No Know Casual contact hand shake 25 (12.
ii], and the resolvent subgraph communicability of nodes i and j is the element [([([I.
Self-referentiality remains an important implication of this aesthetic of search and processual approximation to the initially dissociated experience, and functions as a metafictional pointer to the difficulty of representing trauma, but there exists also, and crucially so, a strong overtone of cross-generational communicability of trauma.
A massive and quite thorough reference source, published as a part of Advances in Human and Social Aspects of Technology series, this collection of cutting-edge papers covers all aspects of human-computer interaction, including basic communication and communicability, interface design, knowledge organization and transfer, social networking and general development issues.
Our peoples have much in common: communicability, self-criticism, business skills, ability to get adjusted to new conditions.
Rather, one side of production of consumption (what consumption produces) comes to the fore: due to its enhanced communicability, the commodity form becomes productive, generative of new forms of profit and new social relations.
They will see people with these illnesses before an outbreak occurs; their task is to recognize the potential for communicability and bring that concern to the camp director ASAP so an appropriate response can be initiated.
As malleable as the roles of objects in storytelling, Cruzvillegas's ready-made materials take on prosaic qualities, enabling the artist to write in three dimensions, to privilege sculptural means over the supposed communicability and legibility of words and images, and, as visual clues once apparent become less and less legible, to convey an image's inability to retain information over time.
Thus, she claims that Ray's cinema is true to Benjamin's articulation of the allegorical and utopian but not to his Messianic or 'idealized horizon of meanings' (p73), whilst Devi prompts a re-alignment of Roland Barthes with Eisenstein's 'activist mode of thinking' (p101), and Jalsaghar gives evidence that there are contexts in which, contra Adorno and Eisler, cine-music need not reject communicability altogether.
The same newspaper added that the GCC Summit will focus on the current situation in the Arabian Gulf region, including the exploitation of all means for social communicability between GCC citizens in terms of movement, ownership, removal of obstacles before the unified currency and the Customs and Tariff's Union, and provision of job opportunities and treatment of GCC citizens in any of the six member states as fully-fledged citizens their own country and will achieve a lot of the aspirations of GCC citizens.
comparison quality is given by permanence of the methods and the communicability of the information;
Though the latter reports were not officially confirmed, the point remains valid that the Egyptian administration is wisely and timely investing its political and communicability potentials to advance the message of justice, non-aggression and peace.