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change the arrangement or position of

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The fact that trade credit and loans commove, or are unrelated at best, means that bank-dependent SMEs are seriously credit constrained.
Loans and trade payables positively commove in response to changes in sales or the cost of sales, implying the two are complements.
Another possible scenario is that profit-driven private capital flows that commove with remittances represent the driving force behind the positive relationship between remittances and the real exchange rate.
This may not be a problem for identifying whether the resulting index is driven mainly by business cycle considerations per se, but will affect the degree to which such indexes commove with more continuous aggregate measures of production over the cycle.
(59.) 16.52: "Non entra Amor a rinovar nel seno, / che ragion congelo la fiamma antica; / v'entra pietate in quella vece almeno, / pur compagna d'Amor, benche pudica / e lui commove in guisa tal ch'a freno / puo ritener le lagrime a fatica."
Lectum, Corax, subi positisque in pavimento manibus lumbis tuis me commove' (140.7).
COMMOVE A To veto a suggestion B To conspire C To stir up, agitate who am I?