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exhibiting native good judgment

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The notion "psychological system" is an account of the unity of the diverse psychological features and operations that are commonsensibly attributed to one mind, but without any commitment to mental substance.
For people, these interactions include most of what we commonsensibly understand about the workings of our own and others' minds ("folk psychology"), as well as many nonconscious processes with nonconscious features (such as feature-detecting processes in perceptual systems) that underlie the familiar processes and features.
Such inconsistent psychological features are commonsensibly considered to be part of a person's mind, but to be deficiencies that should not be allowed to continue.
The adequacy of functionalist accounts of commonsense conceptions has itself been questioned (by Ned Block and others) by contrasting interactions that are commonsensibly considered to occur within one mind with interactions that are commonsensibly considered to occur between distinct minds, such as interactions in a business organization.