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exhibiting native good judgment

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Congress must finally act and pass commonsense measures that have languished for too long at the bidding of a gun lobby that cares more about its profits than about people.
A human can easily figure out the referent of it in sentence 1 because it is commonsense knowledge that when one takes an object out of a container, the object's weight remains the same, but the container weighs less.
Little needs to acknowledge his conflict of interest, get out of the way, and let this commonsense bill to strengthen consumer protections for homeowners pass.
In contrast, Commonsense Talent Management author Steven Hunt states up front that many of the principles for creating productive workforces have been known for a long time.
When he applies these tests to commonsense morality, he finds nothing of highest certainty.
Lidia's Commonsense Italian Cooking packs in over a hundred recipes that are simple dishes any cook can easily produce, adds full page color photos throughout, and provides such dishes as Eggplant and Rice Parmigiana, Meatball and Eggplant Tagliatelle, Tuna with a Mimosa Sauce, and much more.
But, as many burglars would no doubt tell you, some victims don't tend to use commonsense and maKe it all too easy for them by leaving doors UNLOCKED and windows ajar.
But it is a bill that's largely consistent with the principles I've repeatedly laid out for commonsense immigration reform.
That life belts should be within easy reaching distance of water or a bridge only seems like commonsense yet that is distinctly lacking in Nelson McCausland's department.
LISTENING complaints To r r e s football shirt makes you wonder commonsense because unsettled forawhile.
YOUR correspondent Chris Robinson always writes commonsense and I particularly applaud his letters campaigning for the A1 to be a dual carriageway up to Berwick (Voice of the North, August 30).
Machine learning methods for commonsense reasoning processes; interactive models.
But this should be married with the commonsense approach as we do not want to clog up either GP or hospital waiting rooms.
It was a simple, commonsense annual report, to support the idea of the need for commonsense thinking in banking today.
But artificial intelligence scientists are aspiring towards enabling computers to have human-level intelligence by developing a commonsense knowledge base.