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The common European rat and mouse have roamed far from the habitations of the settlers.
Yet this Doris was certainly not very common; although I was often searching under the stones, I saw only seven individuals.
And they will have a common interest in the same thing which they will alike call `my own,' and having this common interest they will have a common feeling of pleasure and pain?
Both the community of property and the community of families, as I am saying, tend to make them more truly guardians; they will not tear the city in pieces by differing about `mine' and `not mine;' each man dragging any acquisition which he has made into a separate house of his own, where he has a separate wife and children and private pleasures and pains; but all will be affected as far as may be by the same pleasures and pains because they are all of one opinion about what is near and dear to them, and therefore they all tend towards a common end.
You agree then, I said, that men and women are to have a common way of life such as we have described--common education, common children; and they are to watch over the citizens in common whether abiding in the city or going out to war; they are to keep watch together, and to hunt together like dogs; and always and in all things, as far as they are able, women are to share with the men?
And will they not be lovers of Hellas, and think of Hellas as their own land, and share in the common temples?
No wonder, then, that the social consciousness of past ages, despite all the multiplicity and variety it displays, moves within certain common forms, or general ideas, which cannot completely vanish except with the total disappearance of class antagonisms.
Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
The Open Spaces Society was formed, as the Commons Preservation Society, in 1865, just at the end of the inclosures, when the commons began to be taken for development.
The society says livestock is also at risk from vehicles travelling at speed, which means many commons are not grazed, which in turn has a detrimental effect on the land.
The hospital's IT department, pediatrics division and OB/GYN clinic will now all be housed at Croft Commons, according to Michael Belfonti, president and CEO of Belfonti Associates.
Rural Affairs Minister Jim Knight said the Bill aimed to update notoriously complicated and often archaic laws managing our commons by modernising the registration of commons and giving commoners the ability to make decisions locally.
Though this argument about the need for an information commons seems to me important, as could be expected from what has preceded I feel that there is a concept of "common" that, ontologically at least, goes beyond that offered by the liberal conceptualization of "the public" and, in fact, underlies this latter notion.
"While Oak Park Commons didn't truly fit either category, the changes there have been so significant that they deserved recognition.
But public land managers and environmental policymakers will not find a more thorough and comprehensive study of the significance of the sacred in understanding our common heritage in the national commons.