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Synonyms for commonplace

Synonyms for commonplace

Synonyms for commonplace

a trite or obvious remark

completely ordinary and unremarkable

Related Words

not challenging

References in classic literature ?
If you prefer it, they are commonplace without being common.
I know this fellow has succeeded in making himself something incurably commonplace and comic.
Too often the female world is bounded hard and fast within the limits of the commonplace.
To this class of commonplace people belong several characters in this novel;-- characters which--I admit--I have not drawn very vividly up to now for my reader's benefit.
To a commonplace man of limited intellect, for instance, nothing is simpler than to imagine himself an original character, and to revel in that belief without the slightest misgiving.
Disguising my last instructions under the commonplace heading of "Memoranda on my return to London," I began to write.
No philosopher was he-- just a plain, commonplace person gifted, for the time being, with a pathological indifference: the organ that he feared consequences with was torpid.
I wanted to get away from monotony and the commonplace.
We were all sorry when we were through the woods and found ourselves looking down into the snug, commonplace, farmstead-dotted settlement of Baywater.
It was a perfectly commonplace English country seat, surrounded by perfectly commonplace English scenery.
Crime is commonplace, existence is commonplace, and no qualities save those which are commonplace have any function upon earth.
They had got just so far, and the conversation began to crystallise, as it could but do with the scanty stream which the commonplace world supplied.
I was telling Katharine a few little commonplaces about marriage," she said, with a little laugh.
As he rarely met Anna, he could say nothing but commonplaces to her, but he said those commonplaces as to when she was returning to Petersburg, and how fond Countess Lidia Ivanovna was of her, with an expression which suggested that he longed with his whole soul to please her and show his regard for her and even more than that.
I began this discussion with an object, but I've grown so sick during the last three years of this chattering to amuse oneself, of this incessant flow of commonplaces, always the same, that, by Jove, I blush even when other people talk like that.